The battle for Los Angeles

Harry Redknapp:

“Fulham is always a great place to go for us.

“That away end will be filled up with our supporters and, with the noise they make, it will be almost like a home game for us.

“We had a terrific 3-1 win there the year we made our big escape from relegation and it was only a last-minute equaliser which stopped us winning again there last season.”

Indeed. That was the game where Ian Pearce, on one leg, scored the single most heroic goal in the history of the world. Saved our bacon. Good man.

The article linked to above was mainly about Bouba, and I think we all realise that he’s going to score from 35 yards on Sunday. He did this for Fulham once or twice, but in recent times his shots were more likely to be picked out of someone’s back garden in Chiswick as the opposition’s net. He had it in him, but for whatever reason the force was elsewhere. Good player, sometimes. As I mentioned in the comments below, he’ll be keyed up for Sunday and will play like the player we know he can be, but that doesn’t mean we were wrong to let him go.

Here we go, folks. Big game coming. Serious business.  Feel it.

6 thoughts on “The battle for Los Angeles

  1. ha ha, well…

    I was playing around with ways to convey the excitement I’m feeling for Sunday. First up I did this with a big ramble about L.A. Confidential by James Ellroy, and Battle for Los Angeles, by Rage Against the Machine.

    Then I changed all that and just plonked up The Who.

    Title no longer relevant….

  2. Fantastic link decoy! I posted about this earlier when Fulham acquired Keller but could never find the video. In fact some years ago when this happened I remember people posting about it on the discussion boards and there were photos but no one could find a video. So this is the first time I’ve ever seen it. He was already a favorite at Borussa Monchengladbach but this just endeared him to his fans even more.

    Thanks very much for the link. I think I will put it up as a post tomorrow.

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