Grown Ass Man (GAM) coming to Fulham

According to Ives @ Soccer by Ives, the deal is now done and Eddie Johnson could be at the Cottage by this weekend. He also said that the done deal is already allowing the Kansas City Wizards to wheel and deal.

Oh ya, what’s the grown ass man comment about? Well it seems a slightly younger Eddie Johnson was doing an interview a few years ago and was asked which video games he plays. Eddie’s response,

I don’t play video games. I’m a grown-ass man.

Like it or not, here comes GAM…or….um….Eddie Johnson.

By the way, I do believe that having Clint (Johnson and Dempsey are good friends) as a teammate and possible roommate will help Johnson make the transition quicker.

12 thoughts on “Grown Ass Man (GAM) coming to Fulham

  1. His finishing looks spot on but I think he needs to realise that he won’t get that much space in England (except at Motspur Park!). And that most of the keepers will be of a higher standard.

    Not The Saviour, but a good addition by the looks of. Beats having the Kuqi Monster up front.

  2. I do have to agree with you on that FB. Much better than Kuqi. The knock on him on the National team has been that he’s been hesitant to take on players. He seems to target alright but then plays back, almost always when there are times he’s one-on-one and you know he could probably take the man on. But agreed, about the time and space. I’m going to post an interview with Dempsey from Glenn Davis where Dempsey says the very same thing as to the adjustment in the Prem.

  3. Admittedly, I haven’t seen much of EJ in the MLS but his National Team form, with the exception of a few matches, has been rather unimpressive. I’m not sure he’ll be much of an addition to the squad but I’ll reserve judgment until I see him on the pitch in England.

    I guess I’m a grown ass kid since I still play video games :)

  4. get ready for “a boy in a man’s body”. when interviewed johnson sounds like a teenager… can string two sentences together properly, seems to lack confidence as a person. a very simple person psychologically.

  5. Pretty unimpressive move in my view. EJ has had his moments in MLS and with the national team but in the big picture he’s been a real disappointment for me. He was able to pick it up last year and get 15 goals, including a big boost from two three goal games if I rememba correctly, but he’s so streaky and often so ineffectual. Just on skill and ability I’d say he’s similar to Kamara at best, certainly no better(on the bright side he only costs half the price). While its kinda cool to have another American on the team there are probably 15 others I’d pick before EJ. I hope I’ll have to eat my words at the end of this saga but this isn’t the man who will save us from the drop.

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