Interviews with Dempsey and Stalteri

Our friend Clint was evidently interviewed for the club’s members’ magazine, Fultime. Fans were able to ask Mr. Dempsey questions and he answered them. Some of the answers were actually somewhat interesting. The interview is worth a read.

Q: When playing as a striker what qualities do you like a partner striker to have to complement yours?
A: I don’t know, I mean I think it’s always good to have someone that is good at getting in behind defenders, because I like putting people through on goal. It’s good to have someone that can hold the ball up well and give it back to you, someone that is good with the aerial battle. You have to do the business too though, help out the forward you play with and use your own attributes also.

Do you think we could be up for a combination of GAM and Clint Dempsey up front? This is how Clint has excelled with the U.S. Men’s National team this past year, sending speedsters like Landon Donovan and DaMarcus Beasley through with excellent passes. A Dempsey/EJ pairing might just work.

Also, an interview on the official with Paul Stalteri.

Stalteri had this to say about his conversation with referee Mike Riley concerning the missed foul on himself which resulted in a goal for Blackburn:

When I spoke to Mike Riley, he is one of the more experienced referees in England, he explained that he hadn’t seen it. I’m not entirely sure how he didn’t see it but I guess if you don’t see these things then you cannot blow a whistle for them. In his defence at least he didn’t say it wasn’t a foul, he just said he hadn’t seen it, and when he tells you that there isn’t a lot more you can say.

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