U.S. TV Coverage v Everton a no show

According to numerous sources, no one will be televising the Fulham v Everton match in the U.S. this coming Sunday.

I’m extremly disappointed as this seems to be a key game. But what game isn’t key at this point? I could see Fulham playing great but coming away with another draw which just isn’t going to cut it. As we’ve stated numerous times this past week, were facing another quality opponent in Everton.

Since viewing is not an option for me, I’l most likely be following along via Soccernet’s Game Cast and may very well be on Fulham USA’s game day chat as well. I know some of you may use peer to peer video programs as well to get a somewhat herkey-jerkey video stream of the game.

We American Fulham supporters have been very lucky this year with all the unprecedented coverage of the team. In the past you could only expect this if you were one of the top 3 or 4 teams in the premiership.

The following two matches against Newcastle and Derby will both be carried live on Fox Soccer Channel. Fulham USA always keeps you updated with the latest TV coverage of Fulham in the U.S. It’s on the right sidebar of their splash page.

I’m very concerned about American coverage if the team goes down. One more reason why Roy Hodgson and the boys need to find a way to stay up.

4 thoughts on “U.S. TV Coverage v Everton a no show

  1. In a decision made yesterday — Wednesday — Setanta will be covering the Everton match live at 0830 CDT. The FUSA chatroom will still be up and running for those of us without Setanta.

    In the event of relegation, we’re all getting addicted to Gentleman Jim well in advance.

  2. Not sure why all the Fulham USA people are saying Setanta just now decided to show the match. It was on their schedule guide last week when I checked. Thats why I pointed it out after the Fulham USA email newsletter came out.

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