Organisational stuff

Paul DePodesta again.

The flex was a complicated offense, well complicated for 6th graders who could barely discern the difference between man-to-man and a box-and-one. By many accounts, it was complicated for high school varsity players as well, as it involved crisp passing and a lot of coordinated movement away from the ball. So, this small school in Northern Virginia that wasn’t necessarily competing for national championships started teaching the flex offense… in the 6th grade.

Guess what offense we ran in the 7th grade? 8th grade? And so on.

There were two primary results from this process: 1) by the time anyone reached the varsity basketball team the flex offense was second nature and 2) we won a whole lot of basketball games – many more than our talent (or certainly my talent) would have ever dictated.

I wonder to what extent Roy’s famous ‘patterns’ are worked on down the Fulham teams.   Roy mentioned at the fans’ forum that he does work with the junior sides, more than perhaps he is obliged to.   But I wonder when all the movement off the ball, rehearsed patterns, etc, come into play for younger players or reserve players.  Do they get all that expertise, or is this first team only business?

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