9 thoughts on “Technique

  1. If Clint hasn’t deserved a start these past few weeks, I don’t know who has. My only guess is that Roy knows that Clint does best when he has something to prove…which now he does. I wouldn’t be surprised if he played his way into a starting withdrawn forward position and ends the year with the highest goal total on the squad.

  2. Particularly fascinating as, according to John Ashdown in The Guardian (

    “Peter Crouch seemed to have sealed three points only for Clint Dempsey’s late header to deny Tony Adams and Joe Jordan a winning start as co-caretakers.”

    A typo, perhaps? Nah…

    “However, defending a narrow lead, Pompey began to panic and three minutes from time Erik Nevland, fresh from the bench, swung in a cross for Dempsey to head home.”

  3. Clint’s international form has been very good as well. He’s earned a start – as always though, has anybody else earned a drop?

    My inclination would be to drop Bullard, let Murphy attack a bit more, and see if taking a few set pieces can help get Simon Davies going.

  4. Colin, I certainly agree with your last sentence. Davies needs to take corners again, and we need more variety in our free kicks. Murphy and Davies and even Konchesky have all proven adept at dead ball situations. Too much Johnny One Note at the moment.

  5. To add on to my last comment – Simon Davies did take 2 corners yesterday, which were his first two of the season, and only the 2nd and 3rd corner not taken by Bullard (Murphy had one against Bolton)!

  6. I loved the randomly generated related link to the Ian Pearce Pompey match. What a memory that was. Hope he’s having fun with his club football.

  7. smfifteen – you got put in the spam there, sorry about that.

    Yeah, I saw that report. How much attention do you need to pay to get that wrong? They have TV screens too. It’s strange isn’t it?

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