Hey, just added a new thing on the right.  It just lists the last few comments, so you can see what people are saying. I think this is handy, as with each day’s post previous discussions sort of get shoved aside.   This way perhaps they don’t so quickly, and perhaps discussions can keep a bit… More Comments


They used to say of Sandy Koufax that his fastball would ‘rise’ on batters.   Most fastballs naturally sink;  Koufax’s would soar, jumping over bats and smashing into the catcher’s mitt.   Frightening stuff. In reality a fastball can’t really rise if it’s to be a strike, but an optical illusion makes it look like it does.  … More Whoosh

158th and rising

Ha.  Did you know that we are the 158th best team in the world?  Well we are.  It’s official. Brian sent me this link today, and as best I can tell it’s the rankings FIFA uses for whatever it is FIFA does with these things.    Here is our peer group: How good is that?  Are… More 158th and rising