Latest Fulham Review available soon!



It’s finally done!

To use my own explanation from last night:

For those of you new to the book, we have a match report from every game and a load of essays from fans.   This year’s book has 112 pages, up from 96 last year and 80some the year before that.  Contents are:

– Loads of match reports (we had someone [usually me or JamieR] at just about every game) featuring teams, attendance, etc.
– Chopper”s Departing Heroes, a terrific annual feature where he reviews the careers of all players leaving the club
– American journalist Adam Spangler’s 17 page special on Clint Dempsey.  Adam spent a couple of days with Clint a while back and wrote up his story.  Amazing stuff.
– A few pages of stats from Colin at Championship at Best – cutting edge stuff, this
– The Times Top 50 Fulham Players feature I did earlier in the year
– Various other essays from Dan Crawford, Rob Griffin and myself
– And a few of Ormondroyd’s pics!

Last year’s book (also available from was much the same but detailed the Sanchez/Hodgson/Great Escape season (we’ve less than ten of this book left I fear that we may have sold out…).

The year before that was the Coleman/Sanchez/Dempsey season and we’ve a fair few of those!

All of them are a fiver, which is mad value considering the work that’s gone into them (oh, the hours…) and (we hope) the quality you’ll find within.   We got amazing feedback after both of the first two books so hopefully the third will be just as well received.  (We’ll happily post to the US or anywhere in the world.)

Some comments I have lifted from various sites already:

Will defiantly be buying, loved last years one. — A.L

Cheers for the heads-up. As Rich says, a fiver is insane VFM. Thanks to all involved in anticipation (NT) — The Doctor

looking forward to this years one – cracking read (NT) — NicW2

Loved last year’s, so this one should be a cracker.  — Mike H

This is MUST reading. I’ll be ordering mine soon! — HatterDon

I got the one from the “great escape” season (didn’t know they existed before then) – its a GREAT read!  — Burt

I wouldn’t lie to you, it’s  a really good book (I finally believe this!) so if you want to buy one, please go to and follow your nose.

One final thing:  I’m a terrible salesman, so the more copies I can sell online the better.  Word of mouth is vital on this, so please do spread the word and tell people if you like it.    It makes a huge difference.


6 thoughts on “Latest Fulham Review available soon!”

  1. I just clicked on the comments to say the exact same thing. That is an utterly awesome picture for the cover.

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