Don’t go changing

When you look here there’s much to make you happy.

Will this change, I wonder?

Persistent rumours suggest that we’re going to lose Mark Schwarzer next, but that either David James or Rob Green would join in his place.   I’d prefer Green, I think, as I like people who have a need for redemption.     (Did you watch Paraguay v Japan the other day?   Always sad when one person alone misses; you want at least two to fail as that way there’s shared blame.   The poor lad who hit the bar… oh dear).  Green seems like a good egg and part of me wonders about getting a “Green #12” England shirt just as some sort of gesture of solidarity.  (But that would be a waste of money so I won’t).

Otherwise we don’t know, do we?  The thing with new managers is that they all have their favourites, their own style.  We’ve got used to Roy’s way of playing to the point where we know it inside-out; next year will be interesting for this very reason, looking out for changes in approach (particularly away from home), different ways of doing things.   How long will Roy’s organisation last if a new manager does things differently?   If Roy said stand “there” and new man says stand “there”, which of the two “theres” does the defender go to in the first few games?       Does Dickson Etuhu turn into a pumpkin?   Zoltan Gera a left-winger?  Chris Baird a Championship player?   Where do all the players play?   Why did the Fulham Chronicle say that Phillippe Senderos didn’t come here for Roy, he came here to play football?   Instead of whom?

Roy’s left a good machine, but one that perhaps only he knew how to operate.    Interesting times…

8 thoughts on “Don’t go changing

  1. I’m not crazy about James or Green. James will be 40 in another few weeks (old even for a goalkeeper) and Green… I just don’t think he’s that good, and I felt that way long before he had his gaffe against the US. But in any case I can’t see West Ham parting with him for cheap (he’s played every league match for them for the last three seasons) and I can’t see us paying the England Premium for him. There’ve got to be better options (or at least better values) off the beaten path, don’t there? Vincent Enyeama? Whichever one of Stojkovic and Kingson isn’t going to start at Wigan? Whichever one of Stekelenburg and Vermeer isn’t going to start at Ajax?

  2. “Roy’s left a good machine, but one that perhaps only he knew how to operate.” A very astute observation. Hopefully the new manager will be an expert mechanic who can turbo boost that machine.

  3. any new manager needs to get us a couple of full backs to replace kelly and stoor, a striker (or two) who can stay fit to join bob and aj, and a young mid with a bit of vim.

    as for a replacement for schwarz, i think we have to look outside england….artur ‘mad as toast’ boruc anyone?

    my shouts for manager (if anyone gives one) would be le guen or deschamps…but really anyone whose last name is not megson, allardyce, curbishley or warnock would do me.

    it would be a shame to see roy’s miracle atrophy and for us to slide back to where we were.

  4. Interesting that you remain so optimistic yet on some of the boards or squad is suddenly in need of a complete overhaul.

    I’m just waiting to see what we look like on Sept 1.

  5. Anybody who would want to “overhaul” is squad is mad. The club has quality players who have proven they are not afraid of hard work on the pitch or the training ground. To build upon that is reasonable, but to start from scratch could only be a waste of time and money.

  6. I’m most afraid of a “new broom” manager. They are the most likely to decide that what is needed is a change of style and personnel.

    With one glaring exception, I don’t think MAF has a bad track record in choosing a field general. Now that Roy’s gone, In MAF I trust.

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