The future’s orange

I was digging around the internet looking for Martin Jol’s transfer dealings when Ken V on TIFF posted the following, which lists them all.

Some of the dealings, then:

2004/05 in:  Paul Stalteri (free), Andy Reid (£4m), Michael Dawson (£4m), Michael Carrick (£2.75m), Pedro Mendes (£2m)
2004/05 out: Simon Davies (£3m), Kasey Keller (£.5m)

2005/06 in: Dimitar Berbatov (£10.9m), Benoit Assou-Ekotto (£3.5m), Danny Murphy (£2m), Jermaine Jenas (£7m), Edgar Davids (Free), Aaron Lennon (£1m), Tom Huddelstone (£2.5m), Wayne Routledge (£2.5m)
2005/06 out:  Stephen Kelly (£.75m), Michael Brown (£2m), Frederic Kanoute (£4.4m)

2006/07 in:  Younes Kaboul (?), Darren Bent (£16.5m), Gareth Bale (£6m), Pascal Chimbonda (£4.5m), Steeeeeeeeeeed (£2m), Mido (£4.5m), Didier Zokora (£8.2m)
2006/07 out: Edgar Davids (free), Michael Carrick (£18.6m), Andy Reid (£3m) (Danny Murphy left after this season, as did Wayne Routledge).

First thing to say is that we don’t know how much of the above was Jol and how much was the Director of Football.  My memory is that the latter was doing more than Jol wanted, and that signings like Darren Bent were not exactly what the team needed at the time (what with having Berbatov, Keane and Defoe already).     Otherwise you can see some really strong evidence of trying to pick up young, talented British players, which augers well for the like of Matthew Briggs and Keanu Marsh-Brown who might never have got a real look under Hodgson.

It’s a pretty good list, not just in terms of quality (which is good), but also in the type of player you see there.  There is a lovely blend of technical players and grafters, of established players and hot prospects.


And there’s more:

In 2003/04 (before Jol) Spurs finished 14th with 45 points and a goal difference of -10 (4 away wins)
In 2004/05 Spurs finished 9th with 52 points and a goal difference of +6 (5 away wins!)
In 2005/06 Spurs finished 5th with 65 points and a goal difference of +15 (6 away wins!)
In 2006/07 Spurs finished 5th with 60 points and a goal difference of +3 (5 away wins!)

They got rid of him and finished 11th with 46 points, +5 (3 away wins) (this was part Ramos, part Redknapp, the latter, as I will always point out, feasting on an underperforming side and taking it back to exactly where it should have been, thus cementing his reputation as some kind of guru).

So Martin Jol took an underperforming mid-table team to the limit of what it might reasonably have achieved, then got axed.  He did this while bringing in some pleasing footballers, and while doing so, managed to win at least five away games a season.

Without wanting to get too carried away, this all sounds wonderful.  The strength of the teams above us means that we’re not going to waltz into 5th place or anything, but this appointment (if it happens) does suggest good times ahead. Roy Hodgson may very well have taken Fulham as far as he could, but that doesn’t mean Martin Jol can’t take us further.

15 thoughts on “The future’s orange

  1. Rich, here’s another off topic post for you — I got my copy of the Fulham Review last week, and you did a fanastic job. He may have moved on, but the bio section on RH is fantastic. I was really glad for it, because I still hold the man dear to my footballing heart — just not on two Saturdays next year.

  2. So more than half the players he sold ended up at Fulham! Not sure if that’s a good thing, bad, or irrelevent really!

  3. As usual, a fantastic analytical, informative, accessible study of the situation. You’ve got me really excited, and beginning to “heal” from Uncle Woy’s departure. Thanks.

  4. My recollection mirrors yours. I think the director of football, Damien Comolli, was calling the shots on transfers at Spurs at that time. He and Jol definitely fought over it.

  5. I want to see him done and dusted and in Sweden with the team, then I’ll get excited.

    I still remember Claudio Reyna at the Cottage with a Fulham scarf the day before he signed with Sunderland.

      1. I’m now getting the feeling he is using Fulham to improve his situation at Ajax. I don’t understand why he’s come out and said he wants to move without actually moving.

  6. Martin Jol reportedly told Dutch media this morning that “Fulham were interested but in principle I will stay at Ajax.” It’s getting late to be fooling around with all of this. It’s more important to get the right manager but hate to see this process dragging out so long.

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