Just as Mark Schwarzer is said to have slapped in a transfer request, Fulham have retaliated by slapping a £10 million valuation on him.

Hopefully when everyone calms down and stops slapping they can work something out.

For my money Fulham are exactly right here.  Good goalkeepers are, I am almost certain, rarer than we think.  We have one of the good ones and, frankly, £3.5 million or whatever Arsenal want to pay is not much use to us if Schwarzer goes.  There aren’t enough quality goalkeepers around, and unless we get very lucky, selling him will cost us goals, games, and points.   If he won’t sign a new contract, fine, but you don’t let your very best players go for £3.5 million if you can help it.

2 thoughts on “Slaps

  1. Plus in a years time Arsenal won’t want him.

    And we didn’t pay a fee for him and can’t complain if we don’t get one when he leaves next summer.

    And he’s probably grown up enough to accept the club’s decision and might be amenable to signing a better newer contract if we want to offer one in a few months time.

  2. Aren’t Fulham on the verge of bringing in Brad Friedel from Villa? I thought that was the last straw for MON or something. I think the least AV can do now that they lost their manager over this is to send him over to the Cottage.

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