Fulham Review reprints

Due to popular demand, I’ve reprinted the latest Fulham Review.   I got a good deal from the printer so it’s still £5 a go.

www.godsfoot.com tobuy.

If in doubt, please do get one!  You know it makes sense.   Easily the biggest and best version yet.   If you haven’t got one, why not?

That’s me being an aggressive salesman.   (previous editions are also available – if you want to combine postage drop me an email and we’ll sort something out).

Will be selling them on Stevenage Road before the Wolves game, up by the club shop/Hammersmith End gates.

One thought on “Fulham Review reprints

  1. Just to mention that I don’t think I’ll be going to the Wolves game so despite my previous offer to help probably won’t be able to. I’m pretty certain I’ll be at the Everton game though, so if you’ve got any left by then I’ll be happy to do a stint.

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