Fulham 2-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers

If you’re going to sell your soul it had better be worth it.  Wolves got nothing, deserved less, and hopefully will have much to ponder on what we must hope is a long, slow journey home.  If your entire game plan can be summed up by the words ‘persistent fouling’ then something’s missing.  There was nothing to admire in anything they did today and I hope they get relegated.

For Fulham it was a mixed day with much to admire, but the bottom line is that Bobby Zamora has a broken leg and won’t be back quickly.   His usual physical work was going well until he was upended by Karl Henry, in a tackle we’ll have to judge when we’ve seen it on TV.  Bob slammed his hands into the turf, presumably in agony.  On came the stretcher, off went Zamora, on came Gera.

Fulham let Wolves get to them.  Phil Dowd, the referee, hadn’t been firm enough to begin with and Wolves were free to offend as they felt like it.  The fouls were not violent, just constant.  Dowd should have carded players earlier, stopping the carnage, but too often he played on and didn’t return to the scene of the crime afterwards.  Fulham’s attacking work was stilted, Dempsey and Dembele not really gelling, Gera looking promising but not quite at 2009/10 levels, and Etuhu didn’t impose himself immediately (he had a good second half).  Simon Davies was the bright spark, and much of what was good went through him.  He might have earned three penalty kicks in fact, but none were given.  He really is back to his best.

We went a goal down when the ball slipped across the penalty area between Schwarzer and Paintsil, and was turned in at the far post.  Soft.

Hughes must have given the players the proverbial rocket at half-time.  We were much better afterwards and soon scored, Moussa Dembele slicing home from the edge of the area with a delicious finish after good work on the left by Kelly.   We kept playing after that, and aside for a few quiet spells were more or less dominant.  Gera bicycled over from close by, Dembele send a screamer just wide, but pressure wasn’t really leading to chances.

We eventually got a Wolves red card (Dowd had had enough and was carding them left-right-centre), and finally, finally, a free-kick was awarded 25 yards out and in the middle of the pitch.  That man Dembele (how good is he?  Seriously, this man’s a top 4 talent) stepped up and thwanged it home, Hahnemann giving up on the ball like a cover fielder beaten by a Michael Vaughan drive.  Pandemonium, and let’s face it, a sense of justice.  F*ck you, Wolves.

10 thoughts on “Fulham 2-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers

  1. Henry’s tackle was fair but he might not have done it if he thought Dowd had a tighter grasp on the game. Hard to lay it at the feet of the referee but he really was awful today.

    Oh, and Dembele is the real deal.

  2. The Wolves of Billy Wright and Stan Cullis were the pride of England and widely admired. This lot are cynical, clinical and as the crowd stated “a disgrace”. I was near to despair at the interval but Mr Hughes spoke to the referee and to
    his team. Part two combined skill and guts to outplay Wplves and take three points.

    Pyrrhic victory given BZ injury. Grave long term loss especially away games. Use Elm who can hold ball and distribute with accuracy.
    A tough afternoon, very tough and now for Blackburn and Stoke. Groan, groan.

    1. and in my younger days, the Wolves of Derek Dougan and Cyril Knowles’s brother (What was his name – gave it away to become a Jehovah’s witness) – hard but good football. McCarthy’s team has none of that talent.

      Have to say I thought the 2 big tackles – the one on BZ and the one which had Hangeland off for a few minutes – both looked ok.

      Two clearcut penalties not given, to Simon Davies.

      Not sure what’s going on in Pantsil’s head, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing him for a while. The defence is not the solid block it was last year – even Hughes had an iffy day.

      Murphy continues to let himself down with lapses of concentration, giving the ball away in dangerous positions – otherwise he was very busy. Dempsey’s first touch was awful, but maybe because he knew he was about to get clattered every time he got the ball. Gera was lively when he came on. Kelly had an ok game, but not being able to use his left foot for crosses, really slows us down on the left.

      Dembele is on the way to becoming a legend.

      1. Not the biggest talking point from the game but I thought Murphy was very good. Back to his best.

        I don’t think you should underestimate the value of leadership in these types of games and Murphy revels in physical battles. He doesn’t get intimidated and won’t let others.

        Something clearly is wrong in Pantsil’s head. Had he started the second half he’d have got himself booked and sent off.

        The great thing for us is that Hughes knows how to handle situations and we’ll manage without Zamora. More of Gera and Dempsey with 4 attacking players all interchanging. The way the big clubs play.

  3. I just finished watching the replay, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one whose overriding emotion until the last minute triumph was sputtering rage. What a bunch of talentless thugs.

    I thought Dembele was the brightest spark. Pantsil and, I hate to say it, Dempsey had horrendous games. If Zamora were back in two weeks instead of 4+ months I’d be feeling very optimistic. We’ll be better with Salcido at LB and Kelly at RB too.

  4. Missed the game yesterday as my eldest was rowing. Sounds like it was frustrating to watch and good to see us picking up a win at the death. These are the sort of games that decide a season.

    Huge shame about Bobby, just as he was getting a chance with the national side, he’ll be a massive loss for us.

    I wonder if Pantsil is suffering more from the loss of midfield protection than the other defender’s. Hope he can overcome the blip because he’s great fun to watch in full flow.

  5. Sorry to mislead you Rich – claiming Zamora had been fouled when no foul was given. I have to admit I thought the challange was unfortunate rather than evil from what I saw on TV.

    Still thought Wolves were shite and deserve their fans too – many of whom turned up on 606 banging on about mens game etc.

    Sad as the first game I saw at Craven Cottage was Fulham VS Wolves. We saw Robert Plant and Steve Bull scored their winner at the Hammy end. I was hooked. Go figure!

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