Football Supporter Map of London

Following the logic of the internet and social media, I spotted this map on Andy Brassel’s twitter feed. Turns out the fine fellows at reposted the map from a QPR board. It really is all about collaboration, no?

Anyway, I guess it goes to show just how much of a little club by the Thames we are.

And while we’re on the topic of maps — my favorite! — here’s a map of 176 caricatures of Baltimoreans past and present, as well as 40 landmark buildings. (Click here for more info/larger image)

9 thoughts on “Football Supporter Map of London

  1. My only issue with the map above is that Chelsea appear to have a bigger fan base than both Arsenal and Spurs, which I would doubt. Although it claims not to include glory supporters, the area covered by Chelsea would suggest otherwise…

  2. I recognize the baseball players and Edgar Allan Poe, and… yeah, that’s about it. I don’t actually know where Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium are (assuming they’re pictured), even though I’ve been to both of them.

    More Charlton there in the football map than I would’ve guessed.

    1. Camden Yards is where Cal and the Babe are. Right below is Ray Lewis/M&T.

      Barry Levinson is at 5A. If you haven’t already, all readers should watch his films about this city.

      1. I’m thinking/hoping he’s being facetious in all of this, but that does remind me of meeting a couple Londoners who were foreign exchange students while I was in college. Geeked that they may be Fulham supporters, I went and asked each individually where in London they were from/who they supported…

        …both supported Man U. Bummer. Both claimed some long standing lineage or whatever. Didn’t run into another London native for a couple years and I was astounded to find out that he was, indeed, a Manchester United supporter.

        I’m sure this is the exception, not the norm… but I had always considered the U.K. to be a little more loyal in their followings than many in the U.S., but, this gave me a little life lesson.

  3. It’s an interesting idea (the London map) but doesn’t bear much relation to real life, in which supporters of all London teams and none are dotted all over the place with only the most rudimentary rhyme or reason to it. In so far as we have a heartland nowadays it’s a much as anything along the A3 corridor in boroughs such as Merton and especially Sutton — which are also of course full of Chelsea fans. What is probably the case is that while we have support all over the place, in no longer negligible numbers, we dominate in no single district whatsoever. Which, if so, probably makes us unique among clubs in the top two divisions and even maybe all four. Our opponents on Saturday are the only club I can think of whom the same may be true.

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  5. i understand the map but half of it isnt reall true like most os south london is arsenal and man u,its just the locals really who supports millwall. plus in east london harldy anyone suppoiprts west ham as alot of people support arsenal,manchester united and liverpool due to us immigrants. and really only the white sides of essex and like fairlop,dagenham,romoford,woodford also out of london essex like:Chigwell,burckhist hill.loughton and so on

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