Zoltan wants to leave

It says here.

Shame.   Gera has that lovely ability to find space in the penalty area.   His winner against Hamburg in the semi-final was a great example:  what looked like a simple tap-in came about because Gera legged it across the six yard box as the corner came over.  As the ball dropped there he was to score, but these tap-ins don’t fall to everyone, and Gera deserved all the credit for being in the right place.

All this goes to underscore how important Europe was to us last season.    Gera’s Fulham record:

League:  79 games, 5 goals

Europe:  18 games, 6 goals

Had we not made it into Europe he’d be just another wide man who hadn’t quite met expectations.

(Bobby Zamora:  66 league games, 11 league goals;  17 European games, 8 goals)

(Chris Smalling).

So I don’t know.  He’s a good player and one who it’s good to have around, but hasn’t really had a look in this season.   Must be hard for him, going from Player of the Year to substitute, but that’s football I guess.

Mark Hughes has to tweak the squad a bit, make it younger and perhaps more physical.   He has a core of players:  Schwarzer, Hughes, Hangeland, Murphy, Dempsey, Duff, Dembele and Zamora who will remain untouchable if in form, and a few more like Davies, Baird, Paintsil, Etuhu and perhaps Salcido, Sidwell and Johnson who are good to have around, but ideally you’d want some younger, more vibrant talent to supplement the core.      It’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with in the next two weeks.


10 thoughts on “Zoltan wants to leave

  1. My take on Gera’s time at Fulham is that he has spent most of his time at Fulham playing out of position. He is a player who is at his best when running through the middle of the pitch and linking up with a striker. He was simply phenomenal in Europe. In his first season, Roy played him as a wide man, which he really isn’t, then after the AJ injury tested him in Europe to much avail. If Bobby had been fit this season then I think that he and Dembele would be an excellent tandem (switching positions form wing to support striker, which they have done in the early games this season) off of Bobby Zamora.

    It seems Gera’s Fulham career really has risen and fallen with that of one Robert Lester Zamora. I think that is the key, he finally found his niche before Karl Henry came and broke it. I hope we keep him until the summer and then he is allowed to go on a free, I have a feeling he will score some Erik Nevland style important goals at the end of the season.

    1. totally agree. He always seems to bring a spark to our game when he comes on.

      Also, have never seen a quicker response from a player being linked to a club like Roma to refute any interest on his part. He clearly loves Fulham and I would be devastated to see him go.

      I would love to see that kind of loyalty from Hughes who could start by referring to us as “his club”, not “his current club”.

  2. Be sad to see him go but I understand why he’d want to move on. Thing is he’s one of those tricky players to accomodate. Someone who likes to play centrally but is neither an out and out striker nor a genuine central midfielder. We seem to have a habit of collecting them too.

    If we’re to fully embrace the Hughes era I think we’re likely to see less opportunity for that type of player. As mentioned above, Demebele is likely to be the focus of our creativity but we will be poorer as a squad if Gera goes.

  3. I agree with the consensus above, which agrees essentially with Rich. He was last year’s best complement to Bobby, better than Clint in that respect, but in Bobby’s absence, Clint is the better bet and others are better that Zoltan at complementing him. Meanwhile out wide, though he will make a fist of it, Zoltan seems less at home than Clint or Moussa do, and the use of them in preference to Davies/Duff is likely to occur more often when Bobby and AJ are reunited.
    That understandably and justifiably leaves Zolly as a superlative chap to have on the bench, with frequent appearances to be expected, but if that’s not what he wants(understandable) then he’s earned the right to move on with our thanks and warm memories.

  4. Agree entirely about Bobby’s role being key for Zoltan to give his best.

    I too would be sad to see him go. Two of the iconic images for last season were Zolly’s goal celebrations against Juventus (upside down in mid somersault) and Hamburg (on his knees looking imploringly to the heavens). And anyway, he’s just so Fulhamish.

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