Paul Konchesky is not walking through that door

(For reference on the saying, go here then here).

I saw this little diddy in the Daily Mail and it made me sigh deeply.

A return to his old club is the 29-year-old’s only option in the Barclays Premier League because he made one appearance for Fulham in August before joining Liverpool, and the rules state that players cannot represent three top-flight teams in the same season.

No, it’s not entirely because of the Javier Mascherano rule. (Sure, Konchesky could be loaned back as the author suggests in the lede, but what sense would that make?) It’s because of Premier League Rule L19 (page 146):

A Club which transfers or cancels the registration of a Player may not apply to register that Player within a year except with the prior written consent of the Board.

In layman’s terms, a team cannot sell a player to another club and then buy him back within a one year span.

Some may recall this rule coming to the surface in January 2009 when Robbie Keane wanted to transfer from Liverpool back to Spurs, Pascal Chimbonda from Sunderland back to Spurs, and Jermain Defoe wanted to transfer from Portsmouth back to Spurs.

But for whatever reason, the almighty Board allowed all to go through. Hmm, probably because the home, erm, clubwrecker and future England manager Harry Redknapp was behind it all.

So even if Mark Hughes wanted to bring Konchesky back on a full time basis, the probability of the Board (meaning the board of directors for the time being of the Company; the Company meaning The Football Association Premier League Limited) agreeing to its passing is completely nil. Why? Oh, probably because we’re still taking the EPL chairman’s ass to court over Peter Crouch’s transfer from Portsmouth to (*SHOCK*) Spurs.

So, yeah, Paul Konchesky is not walking through that door.

5 thoughts on “Paul Konchesky is not walking through that door

  1. Felt sick when I read Konchesky back and Dempsey going. That would be a shocking move for the club. Konchesky wanted out; Baird is a very able replacement. To lose Dempsey would be tantamount to suicide.

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