Sunday morning news

Andy Gray and Richard Keys in iffy comments about female linesman shock!   #getthesesmugbuffoonsoffthetv

Paulo Bandini, via Twitter, reports that Gazzetta Dello Sport (Italy) only referred to “the beautiful lineswoman”.

Ho hum.

Also on Twitter, Matt Holland, former Ipswich captain, made a point of praising Chris Smalling’s display for Man Utd yesterday.    Nice to see the lad doing well – a great game to get his feet wet (United stormed it 5-0).

Finally, and this one’s about Fulham, Chris Baird’s passing is becoming a legitimate ‘weapon’:

Everyone’s going crazy over Charlie Adam’s passing for Blackpool; Baird’s getting seriously good, too.

Danny Murphy had 90+ passes, incidentally.   Teams have to stop him if they want to stop Fulham.   Surprised Stoke weren’t better on this front.

5 thoughts on “Sunday morning news

  1. Does Danny Murphy get better with age? He is unbelievably good, nearly 100 passes in a game against Stoke, simply unbelievable.

    I have been enjoying Chris Baird’s howitzer cross-filed passes for a while now. I get the feeling that Hughes wants to bring in a player such as SWP to get on the end of these.

    I think we should also mention AJ. I thought he had one of those fantastic but intangible performances. I have a feeling he is the key to preventing Stoke from pressing as effectively as usual. He offers the legitimate pace threat which meant that the Stoke defence could not push up as far as usual. This left a gap when their midfield pressed ours, exploited by the excellent Dembele (and simultaneously relieving the pressure on murphy).

    p.s. Doubt much will be done to Gray and Keys unfortunately. In any other arena they would be forced to step down, but I am guessing that sexism is alive and well in football….

  2. ‘Baird —> Duff’ is becoming a serious weapon, you’re right. Agree with Alex, though – just imagine SWP (or anyone with a bit of pace and/or a right foot) on the end of those.

    Not that Duff didn’t have a very good game yesterday – his best since last year by far. What a strike that was that hit the bar! Such power emanating from such little legs.

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