Fulham’s dressing room, et al

h/t to Bilet!

Okay, now I can see why Sir Alex complains about our dressing room. I don’t agree with the whining, but my alma mater, the tiny Division 3 Goucher College, had a larger locker-room. My girlfriend said her high school’s smallest locker-room was still bigger.

Anyway it just adds more charm to the sanctuary that is Craven Cottage. Oh, and are those training tops for sale at all? Wow they look sharp.

Interesting tidbit in today’s Winners and Losers over at F365:

Since the nadir of the Boxing Day defeat at home to West Ham, the Cottagers have bounced back with three wins in five. Their pass-completion percentage against Stoke finished at 81% – the highest of any top-flight side outside of the Champions League-qualifying places.

Perhaps it was the competition, or perhaps Hughes is truly having us playing “passing football”?

Lastly, and I could be wrong, but the current 4-point gap between us and the relegation zone is the largest since our win over Wolves in early September. Onwards and upwards…

(Rich here:  rare face in the crowd moment – that’s me in the red (Indianapolis Indians) hat, Martin to my left (I am pointing out Murph on the halfway line at this very moment), Mary the row in front of Martin, and Toby is under Clint’s arm in the grey.  Matthew (who spotted this) is hidden, poor man)

18 thoughts on “Fulham’s dressing room, et al

  1. I have done a tour and the rooms are small – but Fulham have a portable building tacked on to the side for warm up and physio/massages etc. So the Fulham facilities are a pretty normal size, the away team don’t get the extra room :-)

  2. BBC did a nice piece on FFC in the MoTD 2 on Sunday. Makes a change to see something about the club I’ve
    been supporting since 1939 through all the various divisions we have visited in the interim period!!

    It was great to see them playing football – passing it around and not getting suckered into the “bash & crash”
    game that Stoke wanted to play (can only play?)and if we stick with it I believe Spurs are in for a nasty shock
    next weekend – to my delight, I have never liked them and they deserve their “cum uppance”.

  3. Great to get that glimpse inside. Having been once to the Cottage (back in 2001, pre-expansion), I didn’t make it anywhere other than the stands.

    I’d like to think the form they’ve had recently has just as much to do with their play as it does with the competition. That and Dembele being back, along with Johnson really rounding into match fitness are definitely huge components. Having attacking options like that (with Bobby soon to follow one hopes?) surely does a bit of good. Doesn’t hurt that Bairdinho has really solidified left back!

    Hey Timmy, do you still live near Goucher? I’m about 35 minutes away currently…

      1. Hey, try this address…the one previously i haven’t been able to get into for months and I fear the account has been lost in the abyss!

      1. Yes, the match turned out to be the worst part of the trip. When I was trying to set it up, I was between that match and the Villa one where Bullard scored on that free kick to win it. I guess that hindsight is 20/20 there.

        Looking back, that may have been the low point of the Hodgson era (although the home Sunderland loss was a contender for that as well).

  4. Timmy, I was wondering the same thing. Been to a few Indians games in the past—never thought their hat would turn up at the Cottage!

  5. 1976 Open Day and we all piled into the changing room – all three of us squeezed in and contrasted it with palatial school changing area.
    If Fergie wants his lot to change in their big team bus so be it.

  6. Kakuta in the fold…thoughts? Out and out striker, winger or should we assume he has been added to the stable of *in the hole* attacking midfielders?

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