8 thoughts on “If it’s so important to you, take it

  1. Yeah, a bit cheeky of Dempsey taking that one.

    Murphy is such an important player for us, and is such a reliable penalty taker, that he deserves to be rewarded with a few goals from penalties:

    Top Passer – Danny Murphy (Fulham) 1297 (81% accuracy)


    On the other hand, Dempsey is now on 8 goals. That’s Zamora’s tally last season, but with 15 more games to play. Player of the season?

  2. I think Dempsey wanted it so bad for being tackled and harassed so often against Huth/Shawcross, he was just glad to finally get a call. That was Fulham’s first Spot Kick this season, no? I think I was reading on hammyend the other day and they were saying we hadn’t won a penalty all season. Glad to see that streak end!!

  3. I’m sure Murphy would’ve loved to finish off Stoke, considering the away fans booed him every touch. Maybe Dempsey’s the #2 from the spot, and he felt he had done so much to win this match, so why not finish the job.

  4. Murphy has a right to be ticked off. He should have taken it and it was his pass which led to the foul.

    Not to be crass, but both of those players may have goal bonuses which makes it even worse.

    1. Earlier in the year (after Dembele was injured) Murphy criticized certain clubs for their reckless tackles and Stoke was one of those clubs he went after.

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