Mighty Fulham 4-0 Spurs

Is this the Tottenham Hotspur we never beat, the team intending to go deep into the Champions’ League, and which contains some of the most irresistible attacking players in the country?   It must be.

This team could have lost 7-0 today.  Fulham had to make do with four.   Spurs made a gift of them all, but Fulham would point to tremendous pressure to force these mistakes, and faultless execution in taking advantage of them.

The first goal arose when Johnson harrassed Dawson;  Dawson turned out of trouble but could only pass the ball to Dempsey, who charged into the area and drew contact from Hutton.   Dawson had almost been on hand to cover, but Dembele slyly blocked him off.   Murphy took the ball and planted his kick into the top right corner, past Gomes who nearly reached it.   Wow, 1-0.

Then Dawson tried to turn away from Dembele, lost the ball and the man in one go, and snatched at Dembele’s shirt.   Dembele was in the area and wriggled free to shoot (saved), but Phil Dowd realised that a foul had been committed and that a red card and penalty had to be awarded.     Two penalties in five minutes, game theory time!   Who would go where?  Murphy went left this time, Gomes didn’t, easy.   2-0.

Then a third!  A Duff corner, AJ flicks on at the near post (!), Hangeland with the poacher’s finish (!).   Whatever works.   What were Spurs doing?

The game was up, but the best was yet to come.   Dembele in the centre-circle, from a standing start, ran around Bassong (seriously, how often do you see that in professional football?) then galloped into space, nobody came to meet him so he slammed a low shot hard and fading away into Gomes’ bottom corner.  A phenomenal strike, just phenomenal.    This is what the fuss is about, folks.   This man can play.

If the first half was the night of our lives, the second was a beautiful sunrise on the beach the next morning.    Fulham cruised it, passed and passed and passed, and Gera, Dempsey and Hughes all came close to adding more goals.     Never mind, 4-0 is quite enough, and a home tie against Wigan or Bolton will do nicely, thank you very much.

9 thoughts on “Mighty Fulham 4-0 Spurs

  1. As for Juve so for Spurs some very important adjustments to the line of march to the ground and in dress code culminating in conversation with FFC fan who has never seen us lose in three seasons thus all
    omens excellent. As for Stoke so for Spurs the brisk start and the slicker passing set us up. Has Murphy gained from Sidwell? Fewer wasted balls, better linking with forwards?

    VdeV so dangerous in league game offered very little and Lennon failed to threaten. Pleasingly consistent level of underperformance from Spurs

    Please let us not be too jaded when wk/end off Newcastle turn up Wednesday.

  2. I don’t really know what to make of the game. We were unplayable for the first half hour. AJ, Dembele and Clint tore the Spurs defence to shreds, we scored 3 and it was over. Dembele’s goal was magnificent and one for the end of season highlight reels.

    This was like the reverse Man City – we were out of sight so early that the rest of the game was irrelevant. This time the Fulham fans could spend the whole match celebrating.

    Now for Newcastle. Here is to hoping that (without Carroll or Tiote) we can catch them cold as they have jsut come back from a week long holiday in the sun. If we start Wednesday at the same high tempo as today, we could be in for another rout.

    Are the good times back at the Cottage?

  3. Agreed with all comments … Great to watch here at 3.30 am. It’s great to see Johnson in such wonderful form and his speed and touch seem the best he’s had in a white shirt. Can’t wait to see him and Bobby together as I don’t they have actually played many games together. I’d be surprised if it was more then a dozen or so and I remember thinking how complementary they looked when they first stepped out against West Ham in 2008/09 season ( then Johnson got sent off and we lost!) Do we need any more big buck signings? Seems to me squad players now. Once BZ is back and at his best it will be interesting to see our preferred starting 11. Defense speaks for it’s self – though a question mark over left back. Midfield and attack? Can we fit AJ, BZ and MD in the side? If so who would join DM and CD in midfield. Duff,Etuhu, or Sidwell? I guess one of the latter for devensive/box to box and slot DM on left and MD on right … Davies, Duff and Gera coming off the bench? I can see Hughes using subs much more in order to keep the good players happier and ensuring a strong squad. Thiughts?

  4. I wasn’t as lucky as you guys who were able to watch the game live, but I did catch the highlights. That Dembele goal was like something out of FIFA 11 set to “easy,” completely unbelievable but oh-so rewarding!

    And I loved hearing the chant, “You’re just a small team in Stratford.” Freakin’ brilliant!

    Keep it up, boys!

  5. Yes, it was our forward movement and skill that couldn’t be handled for a long spell, in reversal of the norm v. Spurs and contrast to our recent meeting at WHL. Four forwards all looking dangerous, without apparent sacrifice to defensive solidity — it’s looking a good mix right now.

    Hughes starts to have some selection difficulties in a nice way for his first time at the club, starting with: what grounds are there for dropping Stockdale or Sidwell?

  6. Just to add, as I know there are some others on here who view Greening as I do, that our non-object of scorn had a cameo to savour if you like that kind of thing. Dead rubbers and training matches are absolutely made for the player he has now become and, in its way, watching him go through those paces so well enlivened the closing minutes. Mixed in with the usual formula of `simple pass-then-make another angle-repeat’ he pinged it about a bit too, including one devastating through ball. Expected him to go to Middlesborough in this window and now presume he won’t, but if that were a swansong it wouldn’t be a bad one.

    1. Nice point.

      (Liverpool fans will tell you that The Hodgson Effect is to make all players into average players: the good ones get worse, the bad ones get better. I wonder if Greening didn’t regress a bit under Hodgson by dint of having to play a certain way, and in so doing lost the last few seasons of his career. Not lost in a sad sense, but in the sense that somewhere else (Blackpool, say!) he might have had a Charlie Adam style resurgence.

      I like the look of Steve Sidwell but remain unconvinced that he’s doing anything Greening can’t.)

  7. And I’ll reciprocate on nice point. It is tantalising and poignant, given the brevity of careers, you’re right. Now we really don’t need him, I’d wish Greening to be off to somewhere like Boro for that reason.

    Re. Sidwell, suppose he’d be reckoned to have the better `engine’, if only by dint of age, enabling more box-to-box movement now that that is not forbidden.

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