Apropos of nothing…

Thank God Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, is not our owner. Or an owner of any soccer club for that matter (yes, even Chelsea…)

For reasons unknown, the guide doesn’t even mention Dan once made it illegal to walk to the stadium, so fans had to park in the approved lots and pay the exorbitant fee. You couldn’t even make something like that up.

And to think he was once (rumored to be) interested in acquiring Spurs…

4 thoughts on “Apropos of nothing…

      1. Agreed.


        a Cowboys fan.

        *even though our owner is all sizzle and no steak and a bit of an embarassment in his own right

  1. He’d be perfect for Spurs.

    When I took more of an interest in American Football the Redskins were my team. Sorry American chums, I realise they are almost universally villified elsewhere. They were on the up at the time (early 80’s) and Joe Gibbs and Joe Thiesman (sp?) were absolute stars. Shame things have gone so horribly ary, I had no idea about Snyder.

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