More Newcastle analysis

Excellent discussion below folks, tremendous.   Here’s a tactical breakdown from a Newcastle blog.    I picked up on the narrowness thing at the time, but not just how unsuccessful Barton had been with his passing.    (He looked quite exasperated for long stretches, but remains a fine player in my eyes.)

h/t White Noise on FoF.

6 thoughts on “More Newcastle analysis

      1. I second that. Really good stuff. Look forward to reading you next season. Your team will surely avoid defeat (as it almost did here) sufficiently to stay safe. It then presumably depends on how much gets spent of that money.

  1. That really was an absolute pleasure to read. The pressing/interception stuff got me thinking, why hasn’t the sweeper come back into fashion these days? Everyone seems to play one man up now. And it seems like, if you’re going to play the pressing game and hold the high line that it entails, having a man back to pick up any through balls is pretty much the only option. In this game it’s not as if Newcastle failed at what they were trying to do; by-and-large the pressing game worked. But no matter how good you do it, eventually someone’s going to get through, and if you don’t have someone hanging back you’ll get punished. So if your only objective is a draw, why not employ a sweeper?

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