Nothing part deux

Further to Timmy’s post the other day:

More American sports nonsense:  The Florida Marlins baseball team are playing three home games on the road next season.   They’ve rented their own stadium out for a U2 concert.

I act all surprised, but the people behind Wembley Stadium would presumably hire out their pitch for the first ever mole olympic games if the price was right.   Money talks, eh?

4 thoughts on “Nothing part deux

  1. I’m not surprised — the Marlins owner Jeffery Loria and team president David Samson are basically scum. For years they’ve been telling South Florida, MLB, their players, anyone, that they’re a small operation that just barely breaks even. So they manage to swindle $500 million in public funds for a new stadium.

    Well, last August Deadspin revealed that they’re actually doing just fine — managing to turn a healthy $50million profit in one year alone. Go here for some context.

  2. The other item to keep in mind is that for that concert, that will probably be the only instance where the stadium is either close to or sold out. Weasels or not (which I agree they are), the attendance for that concert will far outweigh three games where they would be lucky to have 10,000 show up!

  3. Not only are they playing 3 home games on the road, but those 3 games will be in Seattle! Hooray! What makes this interesting is that the Mariners and Marlins play in different leagues and so have slightly different rules: specifically, in the Mariners’ case, their league has a guy whose sole job it is to hit for the pitcher (our version of the bowler in cricket) whereas the other league doesn’t do that. So because the series, while being played in Seattle, is actually a home series for the Marlins, that means their league’s rules apply. For the first time, I believe, in Seattle Mariners history, they will be playing in their home park and not using a designated hitter all game long.

    While watching pitchers hit isn’t really my idea of a great time in and of itself (pitching being such a specialized skill, pitchers tend to hit very, very poorly, and this rule was added in the 1970s to increase offense in the one league), this still strikes me as pretty cool.

    But yeah, otherwise the Marlins are just moribund. They won 2 World Series in their short history but the owner blew up the team the very next year and wonders why he can’t get people to go see their games.

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