It’s all amazing

It’s been an amazing few years hasn’t it?   Small wonder an ‘ordinary’ season like the current one can seem a bit run of the mill.

Stanley and I have just sat through both of the above at decent volume.   He waved his arms around happily, as did I (Hangeland’s goal against Roma got an “agoo”, Stanley’s highest praise).   Amazing.   It’s all amazing.

7 thoughts on “It’s all amazing

  1. I still have the home and away fixtures against Wolfsburg, Juve and Shakthar and the final against Atletico on my DVR. Haven’t gone back and watched them what with the WC happening last summer. I imagine once this current season is over I’ll go back through each one. Last years Europa Cup run is one that I will always remember.

    1. My DVR crapped the bed and erased a bunch of those before I had a chance to burn them to DVD, unfortunately. Nice to see it all encapsulated so well here. I really like the snippets of the Great Escape at the start of the Europa video highlighting how far things came in such a short time.

  2. Every so often, I’ll go on You Tube and watch the ITV postmatch coverage from the 2nd leg vs. Hamburg. It always sends chills up my spine to hear and watch the scene at the Cottage.

    It’s been an amazing few years for us, we’ve been very lucky. After all, this is Fulham for heaven’s sake!

  3. Speaking of, how are the club’s “season review” dvds?

    FFCcravencottage posted the 2006/07 review and, well, frankly, it’s pretty bad. (But thanks to him for posting it!!!) There’s no real insight that fans wouldn’t already know.

    On the other hand, Bilet posted the 2002-03 review and it is light years better.

  4. Watching Fulham lose in the final still gets me.

    I remember in the stadium at the time actually feeling worse for the players than for myself, they looked truly dejected and gutted.

    1. Exactly. We could finish anywhere from seventh to twentieth in the league, although I see no reason why our recent improvement should not continue. And who knows where our cup run might end?

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