Odds and ends

Some odds and ends:

A beautiful numbers game:  says we’d need to spend another £120 million to finish seventh again.   Gulp.  (see post and comments).   I always lose patience with people losing patience because we’re not ‘pushing on’.   We might fluke seventh again one day, but, well…

Hameur time!   Bouazza hits debut scorcher for Millwall.   I told my friend Lewis, who goes to Millwall, that this would happen.  Now, watch that shoulder…

Jonathan Wilson speaks to Shefki Kuqi.  Worth a read, this.

Kagisho Dikgacoi had a stormer for Palace, by various accounts.   Lovely to see, this.  He’s a really good player and hopefully will force his way back into contention at Fulham.

4 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. Wow, that story is really great. Shefki tells it in such amazing details, it’s a great way for someone who has never even conceived of having to flee my home country, it’s very interesting to see the challenges he and his family had to overcome. Good on him and good luck at Newcastle!

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