6 thoughts on “Glasgow

  1. Talking football steers cab drivers away from penal policy. The one taking us to Glasgow Central would always tell Rangers-supporting passengers he was a fan of Partick Thistle. “That way they knew you were a Celtic supporter but were being polite.”

    1. I had some quite nice chats with the people I was with about football. Plenty of Rangers and Celtic fans working together, united in their love of sausage rolls.

  2. Is the photograph Hampden Park? The new stadium (cap. 52,000) seems a disappointment in comparison with the haunting, intimidating place it used to be, packed with 134,000 baying fanatics for a Scotland v England match.

    Alf Ramsey regarded the Scots as his arch enemy. Normally very reserved and proper, when a Scottish journalist once greeted him with the words “Welcome to Glasgow, Alf”, he couldn’t help but blurt out, “You must be f***ing joking”.

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