13 thoughts on “Man City 1-1 Fulham

  1. Sparky lit a fire under their bums today. Great match all around, definitely deserved the win. The end of the match “hand shake” was delightful. I had the feeling that if Zamora was fit, this game would’ve resulted in 3 well-earned points.

    1. Agree completely with the bit about the handshake. The postmatch was excellent, too. Today Mancini’s team was out worked and, in the end, out classed. I’m really starting to enjoy Sparky’s work as a manger so far this season. Attaway, Whites.

  2. Strong game. We had issues with bunching up at times. Every once in a while we would get in a situation where four of our players were surrounding the ball and not creating good passing lanes. Of course, as a fan I sometimes see the glass half empty. The Duff goal was sublime and not the first time this season Andy Johnson has sent a perfect ball across the center for a goal. I’m a bit concerned about our left back position. Salcido is so streaky. Moments of brilliance and then moments that make me scratch my head. Not sure what to do about him…… All in all, a hard fought, well deserved point at a place that is never easy to go to. With one or two exceptions we kept Tevez out of the game – maybe our biggest accomplishment on the day. Well done, Whites.

  3. Saw most of it via the net. Thoroughly deserved. Dominated most of the 1st half. Shared the second. They never looked particularly dangerous, a reflection of our solid midfield and defence, though Salcido makes me extremely nervous – I want him to do well, but bloody hell, he gives the ball away in dangerous positions and seems to get caught upfield a lot. Dempsey looked to have a poor game from what I saw – going down a lot, losing the ball. Dembele looked good, but seems to be fitting into the “no end product” category. Duff was dangerous in bursts. AJ working hard, but not a lot of spark – but then he laid on the goal after a great ball from Brede. Schwarzer some vital saves. Gudjohnsen came on for AJ and looked a bit lost, and didn’t hold the ball up at all well. Danny had a good game.

    1. “I want him to do well, but bloody hell, he gives the ball away in dangerous positions and seems to get caught upfield a lot.”

      Sounds a bit like John Panstil?

    2. ‘a great ball from Brede’

      Brede’s always got an eye for getting the ball in to the forwards along the ground (his pass to Gera to set up Zamora for goal v Shahktar last season). Possibly comes from his time as a central-mid player and felt responsibility to create. The execution of his longer passes is not always good since he is very one-footed and strikes the ball almost exclusively with his in-step thus limiting his range, or rather setting himself technical difficulty with hitting certain spaces at certain angles. Most importantly though the vision is there.

      Is Hangeland yet a Fulham legend? What a signing he’s been. Will Hodgson come calling from WBA (assuming they stay up) in the summer?!

  4. Excellent performance. Etuhu was a real asset against their massive midfield. Cannot agree with Mike H about Gudjohnsen at all. Thought he looked almost exactly like Zamora in what he did and he held the ball up very well on a couple of occasions when we needed relief from pressure.

    1. Strange how we see things differently. My stream wasn’t great, so I’m not confident I’m right about Gudjohnsen, but I remember shouting a number of times towards the end when he gave it away too easily. Also a time when he didn’t really seem to know where to go, and ending up crowding out, I think, Duff. But always difficult to come on and impress in 10 mins. As with Salcido, I want him to come good.

  5. Great effort pretty much all around, other than a couple of bonehead plays from Salcido. Bradley is right on about Tevez, to the point where about 40 minutes in I actually found myself asking one of the friends I was watching with why Tevez wasn’t playing – that’s how invisible he was for the most part. (Also, apparently now he has a jheri-curl; what’s that about?)

  6. I still think one of the main problems with Salcido is the fact that he has little cover from the wing and no outlet on the left. Dempsey for the most part plays as a left field striker leaving Salcido exposed on a number of occasions and therefore under pressure. This pressure often results in mistakes. Contrast with the position of Duff on the right and his postional discipline and you will see what I mean.

  7. Shame about Sidwell being on the shelf. If positioning is half the battle, there were a few instances where Dickson had an open lane in front of him that Steve probably could’ve gotten a shot off within a few yards of the 18.

    Really assured effort and shift by Hangeland, Hughes, Murphy, Duff, Dembele and Johnson today. The H boys in the back really took the Citeh attack and shut it down. Outside of a world class goal by Balotelli (really, why does every Italian sports personality named Mario need to be nicknamed *Super Mario*?), they kept the group in check.

    Was hoping for a late winner, but it wasn’t to come.

    Regarding Dempsey, I just think he was getting closed down too quickly for him to do anything, and maybe that’s why he was so frustrated.

    Regarding Dembele, I think if he can focus on his finishing and/or shooting, all the tools are there to translate to a world class player…he is still only 22 right now, so time is definitely on his side (this is assuming someone doesn’t poach him before we see him realize his potential).

    One other thing…the retaliations by Dempsey and Duff…they were lucky to get away with what they did. Usually, those kind of actions draw at least a foul, at worst a straight red. Moreso Duff on Barry than the Dempsey on Toure scrap. I think that kind of nonsense needs to stop personally.

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