Blackburn and Fulham, Passing and Passing

The charts on the left are Blackburn; Fulham are on the right. Today’s match is top, September’s is bottom.

The passing stats aren’t included but are as follows:

Blackburn Passing Fulham Passing

Sept: 358 total, 198/159, 1 assist

Today: 349 total, 204/144, 1 assist

Sept: 560 total, 422/137, 1 assist

Today: 421 total, 287/132, 2 assists

They played about the same game, whereas our charts look like two different teams.

So, a case of Fulham giving up all sense of Roy’s visage? Blackburn’s change in manager, and thus style, not allowing us to control the ball? Or something else?

8 thoughts on “Blackburn and Fulham, Passing and Passing

  1. This is interesting. The line-ups between the two games were pretty much the same for Fulham. The differences were that Davies and Kelly played in September, while Johnson and Baird played in March. While Blackburn had five different players between the two lineups (3 out of 4 midfielders were different). So you could say it was the different Blackburn line-up. But, if you look at the arrows, in September, we did a lot of short passing, much of it in the center. In March, we did more mid range passing, with a large portion along the bottom sideline. This would indicate to me that (a) we have a new style and (b) we were exploiting their perceived weakness or taking advantage of our perceived strength (as I read this, this is Baird’s and Duff’s side; and Duff had a great game). I also see that our corner kicks are wasted. Finally, look at the number of wasted goal kicks by Blackburn. All those long red lines from the back that are intercepted by Etuhu, Hughes, or Hangeland. Let’s hear it for the tall men.

    1. good shot. It looks a mess. Down where we are (right back area, Hammersmith End) you can see the undulations clearly. Can’t be easy, but conceivably we’re playing more directly anyway.

  2. I think the pitch is a big factor, but yes we’re probably a bit more direct now that Hughes has had time to stamp his mark.

    Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. You can have too much tippy tappy – and with Bobby coming back (he made a big difference even in his short time yesterday, penalty apart) it may well work a treat.

  3. I note the point about the length of the passes. I am not sure that this is a deliberate tactic on our part or something forced on us by the opposition pressuring our midfield, particularly Murphy who controls the game if allowed space.

    The other major point is the imbalance between the right and left sides of the field. Duff had a very good game but we struggled to offer anything down the left side. I think Dempsey is better suited to the role of second attacker and we ought to play someone else as left midfield such as Dembele, Davis or even AJ. Or Kakuta while we have him.

  4. With respect to the right vs left, I think part of the story is Duff’s very strong game and the differing styles of the two full backs. On the right, Baird was much more willing to push up the pitch and overlap with Duff, who stayed quite wide for an inside-out wide player (goals aside). Whereas on the left Salcido appeared less willing to get higher up the pitch and Dempsey generally played quite centrally.

    From memory Salcido made one or two runs in the second half into the space created by Dempsey coming inside and we generally looked quite good for it, but generally Salcido appears too worried about being caught out defensively to try it too often. It’s a shame, because I think its part of the reason we lack penetration in the final third – we’re quite easy to defend against being so compressed and lacking a player that can beat someone with the ball at his feet.

    BZ is part of the solution as he will draw defenders away from Dembele, hopefully giving him a little more time on the ball. Duff’s good form is also part of the answer. He does cut inside, but generally looks to get down the wings until he gets around the top of the box.

    1. Good points but first off Salcido has Dempsey in front of him, and Clint is not really known for his defense or tracking back. So if I were him I too would be a little worried.

      But what’s very interesting though is that in the beginning of the season we favored attacking up our left side, mainly through Salcido. Yet since the Spurs FA Cup game — or perhaps earlier, but that’s the first I really remember it happening — we’re attacking solely up the right side. We’re utilizing Duff’s inverted-ness, and well, it seems to be working.

      So I don’t think its as much about Salcido as it is about Hughes.

      1. Fair point. It’s a shame, because Salcido’s strength is clearly his crosses into the box and not so much his defending…

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