4 thoughts on “Dickson Etuhu and the fifteen tackles

  1. I thought Dickson played well yesterday, did his usual thing really. The highlight was his nice assist, the lowlight their first goal – he really should have got it away, foul or otherwise.

    I think we underrate his pace, or ‘engine’, or however you want to describe his ability to really get about the pitch and make a nuisance of himself. When the opposition are on the break, he can bomb back and make a last-ditch tackle like no other. And at least twice yesterday he popped up to cover crucially for Salcido right down in the Hammersmith/Johnny Haynes corner.

    All players make mistakes but for some reason people in the crowd tend to go way more mental at his than, say, Murphy’s or Duff’s. Meh.

  2. A mixed blessing – he adds presence to a side and has some good touches but is slow to react. Several shooting chances delayed and the first Blackburn goal was in part his fault. “If in doubt kick it out” he dithered and mayhem followed.

    Good goal up at Blackpool … more of same please next time.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong – 15 is a lot of tackles in one match, right? It would seem to be, given that the recent post “Tackles: or the rise and rise of the ginger midfielder” put him at 2.6 tackles per game (1.9 won) prior to Saturday.

  4. Seemed to me that Etuhu was almost at left back for a lot of the game covering Salcido. Looking at the tackle chart, I’m not sure whether that comes out in the stats or not. He seemed to tackle more on the right, but they tended to be higher up the pitch, where as his tackles on the left are very deep. It’d be interesting to see a map of where he spent most of his time and how that compares to DM…

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