A Xavi for his time

Doing a bit of digging around and found this about Johnny Haynes in an archive:

“In the first half alone his fantastic record was to be in possession of the ball 33 times, and to move it forwards to an unmarked team-mate 28 times!”

You can’t get away from stats…

From 1959.

2 thoughts on “A Xavi for his time

  1. I have always been intrigued by Haynes, a player that is at the top of the list of players that I wish I could see live, just ahead of Roberto Baggio and Maradonna.

    Is there much footage online of him? I have seen some Pathe stuff but nothing significant.

  2. On the FoF site, Bilet has posted a fantastic collection of Fulham videos for download. At the bottom is the 1964 FFC v Man U from “Match of the Day”. About 48 mins of it. You see a fair bit of Haynes, including the (spoiler alert) winning goal. Not his best match however. A lot of his passes seem to go astray. However, having seen Haynes play a fair bit in my youth, it was often the case that Haynes’ passes went astray because his team mates didn’t share his vision, and hadn’t anticipated his passes. The match is well worth watching. Bobby Robson also in the team. Charlton, Law and Best in the Man U team. Rodney Marsh playing up front for Fulham, and demonstrating why we sold him for next to nothing. George Cohen and Jimmy Langley, possibly the best full back pairing we ever had. Macedo, absolutely class in goal. Bobby Keetch, the hard man of Fulham with some crunching tackles. The crowd of over 40,000, almost up to the edge of the pitch, with RATTLES – remember them. The pitch – if you think its bad now, it was bloody awful then. Great stuff.


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