The most pointless story ever told

The Fulham Chronicle usually does some nice little snippets, but

MARK Hughes has warned Philippe Senderos he faces a fight for a Fulham starting spot.

Well, duh.  Hughes and Hangeland are about as good as it gets.   Senderos has never played for us.  So….

Has Senderos been larging it in training, acting in a manner that makes it seem like he thinks he’ll walk into the starting lineup, causing Hughes to issue this warning?   No?  Hughes hasn’t issued a warning to Senderos?    Oh.

(it is good to see him back though.  A really sound squad player, I’d assume.)

4 thoughts on “The most pointless story ever told

  1. Slow news day obviously.

    Injury apart there’s no route into the first team at centre back but there might be at full back.

  2. This is the language of modern football journalism, it always makes me chuckle, though in a slightly exasperated fashion. A quick look at the BBC gossip round up shows us that …

    Manchester United and Barcelona are locked in a battle to sign Besiktas’ 16-year-old midfielder Muhammed Demirci.


    Roy Hodgson is set to battle it out with Everton for Leicester’s Andy King

    Really journalists of the world? Really?

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