Musical Interlude

Fulham not playing on the weekend because of the FA Cup is like a snow day in January. You’re happy that you have some free time (presumably without stress) from work, but then realize it’s January and you can’t go outside.

So, you’d rather just work that day and take it off in July, when the weather is nice.

But thankfully it’s March here in Charm City, so the weather is actually sort of nice – sorry for anyone not as fortunate.

So I’m going to this (Groupon had $35 tickets — for three games — marked down for just $17!) on Saturday:

And then see these guys in Washington D.C. on Sunday:

What is everyone else’s plan this free weekend?

7 thoughts on “Musical Interlude

  1. Poker tourney in Sarasota followed by Sarasota Slim (blues) show followed by Sarasota Spring Break Bikini Blowout on Sunday—Great place this Sarasota, but I’d rather be home watching Birmingham v Fulham!!!

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