Every season has a narrative.  Will 2010/11 be one of missed opportunity?

In the cups, all anyone wants is a home draw.  Then all they want is to avoid big teams in those home games.  We actually got a dodgy fixture against Spurs, whom we rarely seem to beat, but having smashed them out of contention (allowing them to concentrate on other things), that fifth round home tie against Bolton was pretty generous.

Of course, we lost.  Now we see Bolton squeezing by an ordinary Birmingham, setting up a game at Wembley against Stoke City, who beat West Ham in another quarter final.  What might have been, eh?

Nothing too dramatic in the world at the moment, hence the relative quiet in these parts.  Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

(PS isn’t it strange the things you find out about yourself?  On Sunday I was actually cheering on West Ham, something I never thought I’d do.  My brain has obviously done its sorting and placed Stoke lower down the “Rich’s preference” league.)

(PPS Preston didn’t play this weekend, which left a tiny gap in my weekend; I’m always desperate to know if Eddie’s scored.  So far, no, but he was back in the first XI last week.  He may get another go on Tuesday, I think.)

(PPPS How about Chris Smalling?  Surely an England call-up can’t be far off now.  Delighted for him.)

7 thoughts on “Monday

  1. It’s the only narrative I can spot either. Also the only one likely now to arise short of our losing 6 or 7 of the final games. Frustrating indeed.

    1. A mid table finish would not be a bad outcome given the summer disruption and Zamora’s injury.

      What’s pleasing is the thought that Hughes is laying very solid foundations for things to be much better next season.

      Which probably means that he moves to Everton or Villa in the summer.

      1. Yeah. A season of consolidation and possible the beginning of a new exciting chapter. In my eyes Hughes has started to find the magic key that will turn our well organised but conservative team into a more exciting, but still fundamentally solid, alternative.

        Agree about the missed opportunity in the cup though. couldn’t help thinking that could have been us.

  2. With the gauntlet of matches remaining, this narrative may have another twist for better or worse. Just look at our run-out:

    Mar 19 @Everton
    Apr 3 Blackpool
    Apr 9 @Manchester United
    Apr 23 @Wolves
    Apr 30 @Sunderland
    May 7 Liverpool
    May 22 Arsenal

    And we’re supposed to play Bolton and @Brum at some point (both are being rescheduled as we speak).


    1. I think that’s a very average set of games.

      ManU apart which of those games are we doomed to lose? We probably need 6 points to be sure of safety. 3 wins and 3 draws ie 12 points seems very achievable to me. We could very well do better

  3. I could see us getting points from the big games and losing the “winnable” ones. That’s been our m.o. this season. especially in the mentioned cup.

    I wonder if there are any future payments coming to us based on Smalling’s performance and eventual England call up. We did get a good amount up front.

  4. My narrative would be:

    Since I started watching Fulham/football in 07, this has been my first ‘dull’ season:
    07/08 Great escape
    08/09 7th place
    09/10 Europa
    10/11 Midtable

    More broadly, we’ve survived almost comfortably for the 3rd season in a row. We changed manager and lost our best striker and still managed pretty well. We’ve improved our squad, we’re improving away (in goals scored, if not points accrued and games won) we still play clean football and our defence is still the envy of most of the league. We might even get European football again.

    So a pretty decent season really.

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