“Say say say, What you want…”

I’m sure you’ve heard by now. The King of Pop will have a statue outside Craven Cottage.

Tonight is opening night for a play here, so I don’t have the time to fully gather my thoughts. Maybe Rich can post something witty or insightful.

But for now let’s enjoy my favorite song of his (coincidentally another duet with Paul McCartney): the criminally overlooked “The Girl is Mine” off Thriller.

What’s your favorite song of his?

12 thoughts on ““Say say say, What you want…”

  1. The TIFF has gone into meltdown over “StatueGate”.

    I suspect the chances of the statue lasting more than a few weeks before it ends up in the river, are looking slim.

    Could it all be an early April Fool’s?

  2. Soppily, I always liked “one day in your life” and “ben”.

    It’ll be a headline writer’s dream. Lots of “Thrillers”, “Bad”, men in the mirror, etc.

    I think it’s all a bit stupid, but as long as Mark Schwarzer doesn’t have to wear one glove we should survive.

        1. We have a winner!

          Seriously though, having a statue of MJ now allows us to legitimately use his songs to create football chants – not the worst outcome I feel!

  3. Jacko’s impact on my life formerly equalled mine on his. Of the past 24 hours that equation’s been changing, but hopefully briefly. If the waxwork does last 20 years, doubtful, they’ll need to explain to the next generation of supporters who he was — a bit like Johnny Haynes in that respect, admittedly.

  4. Its bizarre episodes like this that make me really glad I support this club. Long live Chairman Mo’! (Never can say goodbye if you’re asking)

  5. It wouldn’t happen anywhere else in the footballing world! Its beyond bizarre but hey, if it means that he is going to keep funding and supporting the club then he can have a statue of the bee gees in the other corner for all i care.

    Rock With You by far my fave..

  6. Just be thankful that the Di/Dodi memorial from Harrods didn’t end up at The Cottage. .

    Hmmm – am I the only one that thinks a tweeking of a Jackson song may be in order : “It doesn’t matter as long as your black & white”. That’s referring to Fulham BTW and not Jackson or his mottled appendage.

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