Shades of Grey

From Twitter

“FulhamFC A huge thank you to our loyal supporters – records from our first day on sale for 2011/12 Season Tickets show a 200% increase from last year”

Wow.  How about that?  I haven’t done mine yet.  It’s gone up quite a bit though.  Hmmmm.

A bit of a lull at the moment.  In some ways this is normal, and often happens when we go a while without games, and certainly without games that matter.

We might win the next few, we might lose them, but without a small miracle we should finish safely in mid-table, from where we can next year mount an assault on… mid-table.   Oh.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Is it the March blues?  The economy?  Fatherhood?  General grumpiness?  Missing Sir Roy?  Or just nothing.

What about you?  Are you feeling it?

9 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

  1. Absolutely—After losing to Bolton we had two chances for the rest of this year: dull or terrifying. Still could go either way……

    But the team is easy on the eye & the games are interesting to watch.

    White Noise had it the other day: NO FULHAM NEWS YET. In a sense, he (& you) could put that up every day and be mostly correct.

    So don’t blame fatherhood—blame Fulhamhood!

  2. I have gradually warmed to Hughes after being one of his most vociferous critics in the early part of the season until the recent run of form and now accept that with the striking problems we had, he did a decent job steadying the ship.

    Next season should be fun I think. New players will come in, dead wood flushed out, and maybe a few youngsters brought on (Dalle Valle? Hoesen? Briggs?). I fully expect Hughes to have implanted his style on, by that time, his players next year and a good season with a few surprises to keep us on our toes.

    The rest of the season is all about enjoying 3 months of Bobby Zamora, trying to win some away games and steering clear of relegation. I will also be keeping my eye on the fair play tables….lets face it, everyone would welcome another foray into Europe. Here is to hoping for Fulham v FC Tallinn on a late july day!

  3. I wonder what a 200% increase on first day sales actually means?

    Can’t imagine many people rush to renew the very first day they can. Maybe last year we sold 5 and this year we’ve sold 15 (did I get the maths right?).

        1. I always thought a 200% increase is (100% + 200% = 300%) so 5 + 10 = 15

          But that assumes the press office understands maths – I presume they mean double sales – a 100% increase to 10 sales (up from 5) – so it has ‘increased’ by 200% (10/5*100)

          Confuses me (with a degree in applied maths), so who knows what the press office make of it :-)

  4. After last season’s heights, I’m finding it hard to get up for things this year. Especially considering how poor things went so early on.

    It’s like a tv show that just came off an amazing season or episode. It’s good in its own right, but incomparable. And as a result, it’s hard to generate the same buzz.

  5. Call me vindictive, but I’m not missing Sir Roy. To me, he’s like an ex-girlfriend, about whom I’ve convinced myself that I never really loved her, and she was ugly and selfish anyway.

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