13 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today

  1. my best ever football day. It was an early evening kickoff so I took the afternoon off work. Toby, Matthew and myself were in the golden lion garden just having one of those really quiet afternoons that you can only really get when everyone else is at work. Then eventually the game, we conceded early, and that was that wasn’t it? The comeback was phenomenal, Zamora’s lashed first, that lovely Gera goal for 2, then the penalty for 3, then Clint’s chip. Unbelievable.

  2. Absolutely the best match I’ve ever watched. Just that feeling of “Yes”, just before Dempsey scored. Because he had to, didn’t he?

    I’m such a nerd that I screen-grabbed the main page of Football365 the next day. “Fulham make the final”. My digital paper-clipping!

  3. The greatest game. I turned up trying to control my optimism. We were 3-1 down and clearly this was the end of the road for us. The atmosphere was great and there was a feeling that we could give it a go but conceding something like two minutes in really put paid to any idea that we would progress. Then the miracle happened. Oddly the first goal made me think it was possible. Fulham players pushing forward like their lifes depended on it. The crowd 100% behind them and roaring every move. The penalty meant anything was possible and when Clint chipped that sublime 4th we were in delirium. A final 10 minutes that seemed like a lifetime before euphoria. Best football day ever.

  4. as I’ve said many a time, the quarters, the semis, and the final, none of those were any fun to watch because all of a sudden things were SERIOUS. The Juve game was still Fulham’s great adventure, no pressure, we’re about to lose to one of Europe’s great sides. Then we didn’t. Amazing amazing amazing.

    1. Good point Rich.

      Shaktar was definitely a case of “just happy to be here!”

      Juventus: “Look! Del Piero, Camoranesi, Cannavaro, Melo!” It was if the 2006 Italian National Team stopped by for a visit.

      After that, even though I personally remained inexplicably lucid (unlike during each FA Cup run), it was all on the table for us. Sorta like the 3rd or 4th date…

  5. I was on a plane in India during the match. Remember arriving at Mumbai airport. First thing I did on landing was whip out the netbook, pray they had free wi-fi access (yes they did), pull up the BBC web site. 4-1. F**k me. 4-1! How did that happen. Euphoria.

  6. I’m from and reside in Canada, but I was on a European trip last year (much like our beloved Fulham) and was lucky enough to be in England for this game among others. I wasn’t in London and wasn’t watching surrounded by Fulham fans, but it was a very special night. You just knew when Canavarro got the red that anything was possible…this team just had that vibe. To see Clint, a player who is known to take some wild chances, chip the keeper, you knew it was going in as soon as he hit it. I knew it and yet there was a moment of disbelief that it was happening like THIS.

    One of the many reasons I’m glad I’m a Fulham supporter and one of the reasons I’ll stay one for life. Just don’t post the finals highlights when the anniversary comes around! I can’t bear to watch it again :(

  7. The best football night of my life, of course. I stayed in the stadium long after the final whistle, just breathing in the euphoria and exchaning huge, stupid grins with strangers, knowing that this was probably as good as it was ever going to get. I checked out the Italian sport papers online later that night – the Gazzetta story was still headlined “Juve go through in London”.

  8. Sure, I’d be happy to tell you about my first trip to the Cottage.

    We had planned on flying in to see the Man City game on Saturday when that match was moved to Sunday, due to European obligations. We managed to land a couple tickets and rearrange our schedules so that we might leave a day earlier. We hopped on a red-eye and arrived at LHR with just enough time to guess our way to the Kensington Marriot so that we might enjoy a brief and important nap.

    Then, the adventure began. You know how the story ends, of course.

    What. A. Night.

  9. This probably squeezed Blackburn 1 Fulahm 2 from the Championship winning game for me, remember Sean Davies goal? and sour old souness.

    nah scratch that this or the hamburg second leg obliterates it i’ll never get bored of watching these highlights, my girlfriend was at home when we played hamburg at the cottage – she was worried how we would afford my tickets to the final so in her own twisted logic she put 150 quid on paddypower at 2-1… then booked my flight with 7 minutes to go!!! double euphoria!

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