Salcido’s dilemma: not his fault?

So who’s he supposed to mark?  If he doesn’t cover Cahill then there’s a ridiculously free deadly player on the edge of our six yard box.  If he does there’s a small Irishman behind him.   I think Salcido did what he could here, and that finderpointing his way is misplaced.

9 thoughts on “Salcido’s dilemma: not his fault?

  1. “I think Salcido did what he could here, and that finderpointing his way is misplaced.

    Agreed. Looks like Brede is way out of position for some reason.

  2. No idea how Hangeland ended up in no man’s land – he then played everyone onside as he wandered to the goal line.

    Salcido did his best (and I thought he had a good game) but Hangeland being out of position gifted them a goal

  3. As soon as I saw where Brede ended up in the build up I knew we were in trouble and …. sure enough.
    Still not happy with the left back position though. I’d happily have Konch back. Right back’s an issue too.

  4. If you look Clint is marking the inside man and Etuhu is in no man’s land. This is the kind of goal that drives coaches nuts because it means that two lines (the midfield and the defense) are not communicating and having their heads on a swivel. Overall poor defensive communication and awareness as Salcido and Dempsey should have been yelling their heads off that they have too many men for the two of them to mark.

  5. Hmm, Etuhu looks like he should have had Clint’s guy, and Clint should have had the goal scorer, but the entire defense looks like they shifted WAY over to the right side. There are three defenders marking air. The defender to Brede’s immediate left is the most out of position IMO.
    Hangeland looks out of position in the photos, but I think the play went down into the corner and turned back, and Brede may have gone down there to cut the guy off.
    There are like 7 defenders outside the right post?
    Anyway, Salcido was marking the right person, and he actually does a good job covering the goal scorer. Had it not been an easy one time header, he almost got there.
    I’d like to see a video of this. I’m sure THEY watched this over and over.

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