7 thoughts on “Ten for Clint

  1. I had forgotten how many goals Dempsey has put in with his head. Perhaps because I often think of Clint as someone who takes over-ambitious shots from outside the area. Of course two of those shots (USA vs. England in the World Cup, and the final goal against Juve) were historic…..so keep firing away.

  2. Oops, was meant to read:

    “Needs to stay on his feet more (insert FOF style ‘wind-up merchant’ emoticon here).”

    But apparently “” causes the text between to be edited out.

  3. I count 5 goals scored from a central striker position (either leading the line or just behind the target man), 3 from corners, 1 penalty, and only 1 where he’s coming in from the left. Also 5 of his goals were headers.

    Though it’s something I’ve suspected for a while, I’m increasingly convinced that Dempsey is a striker and not a midfielder. This is the first player to score double digits in the Premiership for us since Collins John in ’05. And with such a good poacher’s instinct, quality heading ability and declining presence in our midfield (he seems to be going missing more and more these days) I really don’t know why we don’t switch he and Dembele.

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