Hughes’ future

White Noise found this in the Telegraph.

Fulham have been set a dilemma. The club know that manager Mark Hughes could well be in demand this summer — and not least because it has emerged that his contract is only a one-year deal with an option for another year rather than the two-year contract that everyone thought he had signed when his arrival was announced last August.

I think he’ll be off.   At Fulham the ceiling is almost always going to be 10th or so, with maybe a cup run.  Elsewhere he can achieve so much more.  Look at his playing career: United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich.  He lowered himself slightly later on, but this is a man who aims high.

As Juliana Hatfield sang in “Forever Baby”, from the slightly twee but nevertheless endearing album of the same name:

I see the end of the road in his eyes
He sees a nice hotel in mine.

(Also contains the excellent:  “I hold him like a loaded gun, I know he might go off with anyone”, which could also apply.)

4 thoughts on “Hughes’ future

  1. I am not so sure. Where would he go?

    Chelsea – IF they get rid of Ancelotti (a massive mistake, he is a class act) no way they go Hughes
    Man Utd – No
    Arsenal – No
    City – No
    Liverpool – No
    Tottenham – No
    Villa – potentially, but how different are they to us at this point? Plus, Houllier has the confidence of the board.
    Everton – Again, not much better than Fulham AND they do not have a rich benefactor

    He may go abroad, which would not be such a disaster, but other than a dead link with Bayern (Jupp Heynckes confirmed) what large European club will go ‘Hey, Lets get Mark Hughes’ when we all know British managers are not valued at this point on the continent.

    Don’t get me wrong, I see him leaving within the 3 year time limit that has become the Fulham managerial clock of late (bar Sanchez) but in the summer I think he gets some money to spend, and he does not need much, before making us into a more attacking team next season with his players. If we are successful next season, then we start to worry!

  2. Well that move to Bayern Munich was just on loan as he wasn’t getting any game time at Barca – and from what I’ve read he did not like it abroad.
    Which leaves us domestically with:
    Chelsea – former player and fan of the club – there’s not a vacancy there as of yet, but could well be this summer. It depends on how adventurous Roman is feeling – he likes his managers to have won something rather than showing potential.
    Newcastle – more money, more fans and a moronic chairman rather than an eccentric one. Again no vacancy just yet, but wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see Pardew leave.
    Aston Villa – Villa are a bigger club than Fulham and have an even wealthier sugar daddy. Houllier looks on thin ice. But they’d need to avoid the drop to be of interest.
    Liverpool – if they don’t retain Dalglish who will they turn to? Benitez? O’Neill? Hughes? Liverpool fans won’t like it, but Sparky’s stint at City shows he doesn’t really care.
    Everton – ex-player albeit briefly. Better heritage than Fulham, but with many of the same problems and prospects. Limited stadium and funds.

  3. Now that the contract info is evident — way to do your job when it was signed, journalists — Hughes is probably for the off.

    Which doesn’t make any sense considering he’s hardly done a thing here.

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