Morning Dew

Just because….

If you do nothing else with your Sunday, listen to this from beginning to end.   Ooof.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is what genius sounds like.  It’s a cosmic melding of the essence of Eric Cantona, six thousand fireworks, four orgasms and a global apocalypse, smashed together with Emmanuelle Beart’s icy glare and the rays of sunshine you get very early in the morning in woodlands sometimes, then parcelled up in god’s own washing machine at 90 degrees with the best fabric conditioner that ever there was.

3 thoughts on “Morning Dew

  1. Even as someone who isn’t really a Deadhead, I find it really cool that one of their most famous shows was in Barton Hall (at Cornell University, where I went to school). Spent a lot of time in that building and saw more than a couple of shows there, though nothing like this.

  2. Nice job bringing the dead to the cottagers!!! Great post!!! Fulham fans are intelligent and should appreciate it!!! I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

  3. Thanks for that, Rich.
    I had thought that ‘Morning Dew’ was written by Tim Hardin, so I tried to remember the other Tim Hardin song that I really liked. It turns out I was wrong and he didn’t write this but he did write ‘If I was a Carpenter’, ‘Reason To Believe’ (another of my favourites) and, the one I was trying to remember, ‘How Can We hang on to a Dream’ – it is a version by The Nice I recall.

    And it was Tim Rose, not Tim Hardin, that recorded ‘Morning Dew’ – Wikipedia says Bonnie Dobson wrote it in 1962, inspired by the film ‘On the Beach’, although Tim Rose claims co-authorship.

    The early 60’s was a time when WW III and nuclear apocalypse were genuine concerns for a lot of people.

    So I didn’t explore all this on Sunday as recommended, but an enjoyable hunt through the memory bank, nonetheless.

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