Clint in America

US 1-1 v the Argies.  Good result I imagine.

On if the United States gave Argentina too much respect:
“It was difficult because we really wanted to keep possession, so that means we were having to run a lot. So when we did get the ball, players were a little bit tired and might have been careless a few times with the ball. That didn’t help us because it put us right under the gun again. I thought in the second half things opened up a little bit more and we were able to affect them more on the counter-attack. At the end, it was like anybody could have got the game. We’re happy with the result, but we would have liked to have had more possession and we would have liked to create more chances, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.”

The new third shirt looks pretty nifty, too.

9 thoughts on “Clint in America

  1. Must be the GFC … US usually goes for conservative more traditional kits in all their sports. So too England at the moment and if you look around the world most countries … It could be a good economic barometer!

  2. People’ve been beggging for a red shirt for a while… we got a really nice, similarly structured one used in a one-off against Latvia before the 2006 World Cup… since then nothing. Until now.

    Just makes too much sense. Most of the U.S. supporters groups come out in red and it’s a bit more distinctive. I hope they finally stick with it.

    Clint was okay. Took a couple decent shots… the first half we worked a 4-2-3-1, but Altidore wasn’t doing too much with his hold-up play, so Donovan and Dempsey didn’t get involved too much from out wide unless they lead the rush or Altidore drew a foul. Second half subbed on a forward and switched to a 4-4-2… opened some more space to work with and Clint got a little more involved.

    He lost the ball a couple times trying to do too much, like he said, but he did as well as could reasonably be expected under the circumstances. He was active in defense too. It really was a tale of two halves, like he implied… second half was very entertaining, first was dominated by Argentina.

    1. I have that shirt from 2006; I’m a little sad that it’s less unique now that they have these new ones. I’d say “okay” was about the right way to describe Clint’s play. If I recall correctly, did a more effective job of disrupting Argentina’s buildup play (he always gets into it with guys like Mascherano, which is entertaining to see) than he did at creating scoring chances.

      Also was nice to see Charlie Blackmouth do what we saw him do so many times for Fulham: get his head on a corner, leading to Agudelo’s goal.

  3. a 1-1 tie isn’t that bad..Argentina did have several good chances. US did look tired when they would get the ball which meant they lost it more often which made them have to run and work harder to get it back. But overall, not bad.

  4. The game was played at a fast pace with few substitutions—sort of like a real game. Compared to Scotland v Brazil, where new guys were coming in every 5 minutes, it was golden. I guess the Brazilians just tend to goof (& show) off more than the Argentines.

    The U.S. goal came on the rebound of a great header by one C. Bocanegra, who once scored 5 goals for Fulham. He still gets his head to the ball & has done well in France—WHY NOT BRING HIM BACK THIS SUMMER??

  5. Sadly, I didn’t see the match. Grant Wahl wrote Saturday evening, that one doesn’t REALLY understand the sublime greatness of Sr. L. Messi until he’s seen in person. Then you can see how he moves about the pitch and creates spaces, opportunities, pulls his opposition away from where they might otherwise need to be.

    I like this strip, and the 2006 one. I like conservative strips because they emphasize the unique nature of team colors. This is a nod toward more innovative styling whilst keeping a more traditional design. UP the Yanks…..had trouble last night as well, but had chances. The great Cardozo victimized us.

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