Chris Coleman’s signings

Further to yesterday, here are Chris Coleman’s signings:

Batista – GK – The odd coca-cola cup game, alleged big time charlie attitude
Beasant – GK – Coach
Bocanegra – DF – Ups and downs but a good signing overall
Bonnissel – DF – Played a handful of games
Bridge – DF – Good loan signing.  Bridge’s career not the same since
Briggs – DF – TBA
Brown, – MF – Better than given credit for: Sanchez, for example, could have done with him in the middle of the pitch
Buari – MF – Hmmm
Bullard – MF – Very sharp pickup
Christanval – DF – Good signing.  Shame he couldn’t stay fit.  Had he done so he’d have been at a big club.  Fell out with Sanchez
Cole, – FW – Did his bit.  A shame for Cole that the end of his career was so unsettled – quality player
Crossley – GK – Had his moments.
Davies, – MF – Fine signing
Dempsey – MF – Fine signing
Diop, – MF – An enigma.  Showed such ability on occasion, and Sanchez’s arrival seemed to kick him up the backside, but it didn’t last, ever
Drobný, – GK – Not sure
Elliott, – MF – Injuries didn’t help
Elrich – FW – Yeeeees
Flitney – GK – DK
Fontaine – DF – DK
Green, – DF – DK
Helguson – FW – Good player, let go too soon, still effective at QPR
Jensen, C – MF – Fine signing, but injuries got in the way
Jensen, N – DF – Disappointing
John – FW – Oh
King – MF – Prospect that didn’t pay off
Lastuvka – GK – Hmmm
McBride – FW – Fine signing
McKinlay – MF – Good signing overall I guess
Milsom – MF – Typical Fulham youth career path
Montella – FW – Good signing, but Montella didn’t really fancy it in England too much and Coleman had issues getting him on the pitch.  Silly suspension didn’t help either
Niemi – GK – Decent signing, still hard to evaluate Niemi as a keeper.  Superficially spectacular, but let quite a lot of goals in
Omozusi – DF – What might have been
Pearce, – DF – Better than given credit for
Pembridge – MF – Decent signing
Petta – FW – Low impact
Pratley – MF – DK
Queudrue – DF – I thought he was better than others did, but his career since would suggest that we haven’t missed much
Radzinski – FW – Better than given credit for
Rosenior – DF – Over and under rated, nobody quite got a handle on him.  I always thought he was poor defensively and okay going forward (where our lack of movement meant that we never had options for him).  Others seemed to see it the other way around.  Again, his career since suggests that we haven’t missed out, although it was a shame to lose him like we did and he could surely have improved
Routledge – MF – Decent player, again better than given credit for
Runström – FW – Didn’t happen
Smertin – MF – Good player at times, we got him at the wrong end of his career I suppose
Volz – DF – I’d like to watch him at various times of his career again.  Still hard to work out what exactly happened
Warner – GK – Fabulous keeper prone to extraordinary blunders.  Not a combination many managers are comfortable with
Watts – DF – See Milsom
Zakuani – DF – Played a lot of first team football at a young age; I think he could’ve been something.  Now a regular at Peterborough

Thanks to football-lineups.  There’s much to like there, and he really didn’t waste much (some, but not much).   An intriguing mix of journeymen pros and left-field inspiration (he was ahead of his time in noticing that good players could be found in the US, for instance).   Did all of these players reach their potential under Coleman?  Could they have?

Later in the week we’ll compare these signings against those of the managers who have come after him.

9 thoughts on “Chris Coleman’s signings

  1. So it is pretty much Bullard, McBride,Dempsey and Davies were the sure fire hits.

    Christenval, Claus Jensen, Diop what could have been.

    What does that tell us? He did have an eye for a player, but they were too few and far between and generally blossomed when he left. Defensive signings look very average.

    Do we know what his turnover of players was compared to Hodgson’s time and Hughes’s first season?

    1. There’s also the assumption that the manager is wholly responsible for transfer policy.

      In most cases he’ll have final veto but the actual set up will vary from club to club. After the Tigana falling out MAF will have been very suspicious of any transfer activity.

      My guess is that between the CEO, agents and other interested parties Coleman will probably have been told that a certain player is available with Chris’ involvement essentially being to say yes or no.

      He might have gone to the CEO with a list of needs and possibly names but no guarantee that his wish list would be actioned.

      1. Very true. It would be interesting to see what input Mo/CEO have on transfers. I would assume that they set a budget regarding transfer and spending money and then go and attempt to get the players from a list drawn up by Coleman.

        The signings by various managers would indicate that they ‘got their type of player’- rich has pointed out how Hodgsonesque the Fulham team was when he left in terms of types of player. Which would lead me to assume they had a fair amount of autonomy, rather than a European style director of football set-up where the manager says simply yes or no.

        1. I’m sure Tigana got who he wanted and Coleman probably suffered a backlash as a result.

          You mention the club going to get players. My guess is that it’s frequently the other way round in that it’s agents who contact the club saying that a certain player might be available and that it progresses from there.

          Sanchez though seems to have had a fair amount of control given the Irish players he knew and bought and Hodgson obviously knew the players who came in but as a novice I’d suggest that Coleman had less influence than any of those three.

          Just guessing of course.

          1. It would make sense that Coleman was kept under strict guidance. The mind boggles as to why Sanchez was given c. £30m to play with though after that absolutely dire end to the season.

            It is ironic that the worst decision Mo made in his time at the club in Sanchez, lead to the best decision the club has made under Mo in Hodgson!

  2. Total tangent, but can we talk about Facundo Sava for a minute? I just learned about him after watching some of Bilet’s season reviews (post coming…)

    Holy crap was that donning of the mask thing terrifying.

  3. You know what? Seems to me we had a lot of players in the “good, but never quite met potential” category – Collins John, Diop, Queudrue, Routledge, Rosenior, etc. Anyway, we didn’t miss most of them. Only one player I really remember feeling gutted about leaving over the past decade was Steed. I felt that was a pretty big loss at the time.

    And perhaps Steve Davis…he could have been great…

  4. Bonnissel was magnificent whenever I saw him. But like Christanval, we could only get him because he was made, as they say, of glass. I still can’t quite believe we ever had Montella, and the fact that Coleman didn’t know how to use him properly is a black mark against him; see Mascherano and Tevez under Pardew.

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