We have no memory tonight

I can’t remember who it was, but I read an interview with a football who said that he never watches his goals on TV as his memory of scoring the goal becomes eroded and replaced by the TV version.  I know exactly what he means there.

When you think back to last year’s Europa League run, which parts can you remember from the grounds?  Which from the TV images?

I haven’t seen the final on TV so that’s as I saw it, save for the goals, which are TV images.

I didn’t do away games so those are TV images.

The Juve game is almost all TV now.  I can sort of remember the Trezeguet goal in person: the ground seemed somehow golden, caused no doubt by the early evening kickoff and the Juve away kits.   But while I remember the euphoria and slowness (time stood still) of Dempsey’s chip, the act itself is more or less a TV image.

Roma at home I haven’t seen on TV, so that’s all in my mind.

The Wolfsburg game I can’t remember very well.

The Hamburg game I do remember, but I didn’t enjoy that.  I remember not enjoying it, but not what happened on the pitch.  I do remember not standing up when people said “Stand up if you still believe” because I didn’t believe.

Does any of this apply to anyone else?  Do you see football as you saw it at the ground, or as you saw it on TV?   I would rather remember Clint’s chip as it happened at the ground, but to preserve that particular memory you’d have to avoid all TV coverage of it.  And who could do that?

7 thoughts on “We have no memory tonight

  1. I can remember the Trezeguet goal too – It was like all the breath had been taken out of the stadium, in a bad way, just silence. I must also remember it because I jokingly turned to my brother and said loudly ‘we will have to score 4 then’.

    I remember the two goals against Shakhtar, Gera’s crucial if rubbish one, and Bobby’s pile driver, the latter due to the fact my friend had been taking the piss out of Bobby for the entire match (to much laughter around us I must note).

    Speaking of memeories, the Wolfsburg games remain the forgotten games of Europe for me – two terrific, perfect almost, European performances with some good goals to boot yet almost never mentioned now. Bobby’s turn and shot away in Wolfsburg was sublime and highlighted his new found confidence in front of goal.

  2. I must admit this is the reason I’ve been keeping my own blog over the last four seasons – to try and keep some record of that immediacy. It’s not always successful.

        1. This has just made me go back and look at some of the ‘greatest hits’ of last season.
          “It began to resemble a more even football match after that though and Fulham even enjoyed some possession without doing much with it. Then BANG. Zamora ran onto the ball with a little bit of space on the edge of the area and absolutely twatted it. I thought he’d easily cleared the bar, but instead it had bounced down from it into the back of the net. Absolutely incredible. And not at all deserved. But who cares? He should have got another with a far post header, but contrived to push it wide. Maybe next week, Bobby?”

          It’s funny to look back and see how those 2-1 victories against Shaktar and Wolfsburg just didn’t seem enough at the time, especially with Fulham’s away form.

  3. Zamora’s goal against Shakhtar is a TV memory for me now. Which is a pity…it’s a great goal.

    Whatever happened after the Hamburg game during the celebrations, I can’t remember, I’ve watched the TV clip so many times.

    Also: where’s the blog entry about how we’re going to play in blue shirts or that Al Fayed is going to become player-manager or whatever? Disappointed…

  4. In general, I find myself forgetting more and more things. I’m not really certain why, maybe I don’t concentrate or take things as seriously as I need to? Skating through life, as it were?

    Or, it could be information overload in our day and time of bulletin boards, forums, blog comments, Facebook, too much television, radion, etc. Compounded by a lack of sleep?

    Of course to the topic in question, it’s all TV memories for me as I doubt I’ll ever get to SW6 in my lifetime, and even if I do, not likely for a European night, that’s for sure. But they’re wonderfully available on YouTube and other locations to relive and enjoy all over again. Heck, I still get excited re-watching the Manchester City highlights during the Great Escape.

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