5 thoughts on “Eddie may have scored…

  1. “Keith Treacy whipped in a dangerous free-kick from the right which Johnson flicked on to the far post. The ball bounced out, on to the back of the unlucky McCarthy and into the net.”

  2. We he first came on to the USA National team, he scored ALL THE TIME like a machine. Something happened to him. Couldn’t have been just the “turf toe” injury.

    1. I hate to say it but I’m afraid a large part of it may have just been fortuitous timing with regards to who the USMNT was playing when EJ started getting capped. Look at who the goals have come against: one against Argentina, but almost all minnows other than that. Contrast that with Clint who’s scored against England, Brazil, Spain, Ghana, Turkey – some boldface names in there.

      1. Yeah CONCACAF is ripe with national sides that could make even someone like myself look palatable in front of goal. My pinnable was playing in the reserve side in college. When someone of EJs pedigree (much much higher than mine mind you) pulls on the uni against the likes of Trinidad & Tobago, it could lead to a gross overstatement of his skills and how applicable they are to the European leagues.

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