Shock and awe

(Red Rock, Colorado, USA)

There’s a lack of awe about the season isn’t there? As discussed in the comments below, we don’t have to win games to have good seasons, but you always need a sort of signature win to remember things by. We beat Spurs in the FA Cup, but got dumped out by Bolton after that, so it seems a little tame (and look what happened to Bolton anyway! Gadzooks!).

The league has been where it’s all at, and the league has been quite dull for Fulham fans.

But for goal difference enthusiasts, the table’s really starting to take shape. Only Villa and WBA are in what we might term false positions, and WBA have a new manager so whatever they are over the season is not necessarily what they are now. Villa’s situation is harder to explain, although you might factor in the signing of Darren Bent (and others), together with the fact that they have manifestly ballsed up this season despite having a very talented squad.

The league seems to be breaking up into small, mini leagues (using a combination of GD and pts):

The best teams: United, Arsenal, Chelsea, City

Very good teams: Spurs and Liverpool

Good teams: Everton, Bolton, Newcastle, Fulham, Stoke

Fair teams: Villa, WBA, Birmingham, Sunderland, Blackburn

Poor teams: Wigan, Blackpool, West Ham, Wolves

Everton might be hard done by, Villa and West Ham should be higher, and Blackburn are starting to smell fishy. Stoke are, it must be said, here to stay for now and we might as well accept them and their  vibrant red and white stripes. You might very reasonably merge the good and fair segments for all the difference it makes: these are effectively games we’d hope to win at home and expect to lose to away.

Next season? Should be very exciting. QPR will add local spice and much hilarity I’m sure. Norwich bring yellow shirts and the chance to go to an away match in the East. Cardiff… well, anyway.

8 thoughts on “Shock and awe

  1. QPR will be great. Out of the other promotion contenders, this is my order of preference in terms of awayday fun: Notts Forest, Leeds, Norwich, Reading, Swansea, Cardiff, Hull.

    Wigan, Blackburn and Sunderland to go down, please.

  2. Swansea has really fallen off. For a minute they looked like a shoe-in. They play pretty nice football too, the little I was able to see. Guess I’m hoping they squeak through in the playoffs.

    1. There’s been a lot of discussion of this on FOF, but I’m pretty sure that Stoke are all but officially in Europe next season. The only way for that not to happen is for Stoke to lose to City in the FA Cup Final, AND have City drop 7 points and Liverpool gain 8 points over the next 5 games so Liverpool overtakes them for 5th spot.

      Not very likely.

      1. Stolen from the Guardian podcast, but Stoke into Europe, Barca to finish 3rd in their champions league group and then we’ll see if Messi can ‘do it’ on a wet Wednesday night up north.

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