These days

Lincoln’s Inn Fields, yesterday lunchtime

Regent St in patriotic getup, this morning, 730am

Banksman is tired of people reversing without him.  Cross-rail construction site, Tottenham Ct Rd.

4 thoughts on “These days

    1. I daresay, but it’s funnier to think of him as a person, “Banksman”, who has set his stall out to be involved in all reversing and is being frustrated. Then either he, or someone who pities him, has put up a sign, and hopefully now he’ll get to do his bit.

  1. Wikipedia says that “Banksman” was originally a mining term – he stood at the bank or top of the pit and controlled loading & unloading.
    Now all the pits are shut I guess that is why he is so keen on having a stake in Reversing.

    Or it could be a campaign – ‘No taxation without representation’, ‘No reversing without Banksman’ – to stop political u-turns without the consent of the Bank of England.

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