14 thoughts on “It all adds up

  1. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when it happened. Basketball coaches, in the states, do it all the time, to try and get a reaction out of their team. Some with success, some not.

  2. Why the Salcido picture? Was that his right foot shot in the 1st half?

    I’m a bit of a critic of our Mexican left back but thought he had another decent game on Saturday.

      1. Ha, it was merely to show Salcido’s disappointment at his shot not going in. But the ref thing works, too. i’ll have to be more careful.

  3. I wanna see AJ and Bobby start together up front for the rest of the season. I swear they have only played a handful of games together since joining and I think they would be a great combination, with Moussaka and Danny supplying great passes. I think AJ has looked great over the past few games and Bobby is as good as ever. Hope Hughes gives them a good run for the rest of the season. Reckon we’ll finish 9th and push on next year ….

      1. By golly you’re right. OK then …. But Zamora’s game only seemed to come together last season so I guess from then : ) perhaps the two were linked but I remember thinking how good they could work together but they seemed never to get the chance. Maybe this will be Roy’s legacy next season ….

        1. The goal on Saturday came from a knock back to AJ.
          The first season AJ was playing in advance of Bobby – it’s much harder to glance a header on to someone than to control the ball and divert it to someone running on to you (as BZ & Zoltan did a lot last year).
          I think much will depend on the position AJ takes up relative to Bobby.

          1. If Zamora’s going to be ahead of AJ then you might as well play Gera behind him again. AJ’s proved me wrong with another goal, but again it was deflected. Still see him as an impact player rather than a starter.

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