Friends, Romans, Countrymen

A few things you should be aware of:

You’ll know JamieR from here, the Fulham Reviews and from his TiFF postings, so if you have any interest in the cinema and the things they show there, you should read what Jamie has to say about it all.  His site, Shot Through a Window, is and will remain a must-read.

Longtime reader and esteemed commenter Mike Hopkins is now a published poet.  Here’s Mike and here’s the book he’s in.  I’ve read one of Mike’s contributions (about Fulham) and enjoyed it greatly (and I’m not just saying that).

Josh Wilker may or may not read here – he very kindly links to this site from his own – but he’s one of life’s gooduns.  His book, Cardboard Gods, is his story of growing up, but told through the prism of his baseball card collection.  It’s like the Wonder Years if they didn’t have to keep learning valuable life lessons.  You know how some writers – Richard Ford, I’m looking at you – seem to write as if to say “SEE HOW MUCH I NOTICE ABOUT THE WORLD! AREN’T I GREAT?!”?   Well Josh is the opposite.  He very humbly and understatedly gets the futility of it all, the uselessness in all of us, and, well, it’s just a brilliant, brilliant book.

Have a look at all of these, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Friends, Romans, Countrymen

  1. Good job guys!

    Part of the reason I keep coming back to this blog is due to the writing. Not only is the style very good, but the ideas and overall tone of the conversation is truly refreshing.

  2. Thanks guys. I have my first paid gig next week:

    Believe it or not, getting a paid poetry gig pays REALLY well, on an hourly basis. Unfortunately, you only get paid for the 10 or 15 mins you’re on stage, and not for the hours and weeks you spent writing the stuff. That’s life I suppose.

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