8 thoughts on “Fulham’s top division goals record

  1. What a player Graham Leggat was. I saw him a lot towards the end of his career. A winger who could shoot and dribble and also had great aerial ability. A bit of a cross between Duff and Dempsey, but more.

  2. I only saw Leggat play once, but he was a terrific player and a crowd favourite. He signed from Aberdeen in the summer of 1958, but I think the club had tried to get him during the preceeding season. With their run to the FA Cup semi-final there was a fixture backlog towards the end of the season. Fulham’s form dipped and we dropped out of the promotion places. Had he arrived then…….who knows?

  3. Heh. Yeah, I’m a Dempsey supporter and all, but I thought it was a bit silly making much of a record that only exists because the top division rebranded 20 years ago.

    1. Indeed it is, especially as he’s tied with two others (Cole and saha) who also have scored 12 in the 10 years we’ve been in the “new” league. Here’s hoping for another 10 and a player here long enough to challenge leggat’s record.

      1. I think he broke two records: the 33 ‘all time’ premier league goals is the one I heard talked about, hence the Leggat post. Clint’s going to have to spend the rest of his career here if he wants that one.

        1. Ah, that’s what they mean by “all time,” I was wondering about that given that he is tied on 12 with Cole and Saha for the single-season record since we were promoted. The aggregate record is even more ridiculous.

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