Back to the boards: Davies v Bolton, Gudjohnson against Bolton and Sunderland, Zamora against Sunderland

Simon Davies was awesome against Bolton. The chalkboard shows just how much work he did in that critical final third.  Bolton’s defence must have been begging him to leave them alone by the time 90 minutes was up.

Eidur Gudjohnson reminds me of a fairly mobile basketball centre. He’s all get and give.  Here we see how Bolton could never be sure where he’d pop up next.  Our forward positions have always been quite fluid; lately we’re taking this to another level.

The same but slightly different against Sunderland.  It may be a coincidence that we’ve won two games in a row 3-0 with him playing, but it may not.  I suspect he does an awful lot of good work that doesn’t show up in this sort of analysis, sly movement, gentle but deadly passes, and generally making those around him play better.

Zamora liked the way this was working, and had a stormer at Sunderland. The two of them work together naturally. Both can be unselfish, both have excellent touches and awareness, and between them they’re hard to handle.  As noted at the weekend, when I saw that these two were up front I was disappointed that Dempsey and Duff weren’t to be crashing behind them. Well it didn’t matter; Davies and Kakuta got the goals instead.   But this pair could give our wide midfielders all kinds of fun if they play together next season.

4 thoughts on “Back to the boards: Davies v Bolton, Gudjohnson against Bolton and Sunderland, Zamora against Sunderland

  1. Love that Bolton Gudjohnsen chalkboard – just two incomplete passes! I really hope we find a way to hang on to him in the summer, he’s past his best but could still be a solid backup to Zamora. Certainly worlds better than when we resorted to Shefki Kuqi to deputize for McBride!

  2. When Gudjohnsen plays, I think he takes some of the pressure off of Dembele due to his ability to hold on to the ball and dish out some great passes. It really is a no-brainer to sign him for next season.

    On a slight tangent – Gudjohnsens undoubted ability has shone through here but was marginalised at stoke. His failure and that of Tuncay up in the potteries shows that Pulis has no idea how to fit fooballers into his team.

  3. For what it’s worth, Davies and Zamora made it into Garth Crooks’ team of the week on the beeb website.

    Surprised that Dembele was not tried as a wide midfielder ahead of Kakuta. For all his (Dembele’s) undoubted talent, he sometimes seems to find it difficult applying it to best effect to hurt the opposition.

    1. I get the feeling he was being ‘rested’ as he has been playing a fair bit recently. Had the game been close, he probably would have come on.

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